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Dr. David Duke exposes the real reasons for the mass shooting horror in San Bernadino!

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery tie in massive immigration to the terror attacks in Europe and the USA and expose the Zio role in them!

Today Dr. Duke linked the Jewish-led massive “multicultural” immigration into the United States to the violence and lack of cohesion that is now plaguing our country, as exemplified by the San Bernadino shooting. He commented on the irony a Anti-Defamation League pro-immigration advertisement that “together we are stronger” appearing in the Daily Beast article on this mass killing by a couple of Middle Eastern origin.


He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the role that multiculturalism played in the weakening and ultimate disintegration of the Soviet Union. Dr. Slattery commented that the collapse of America’s Cold War rival distracted Americans from the progressive weakening of our own society due to the very same multiculturalism that was unleashed by the 1965 immigration act.

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