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Dr. David Duke – Dracula is Metaphor for Zionist Evil & Support for ISIS!


Today Dr. Duke enlightened his listeners on the Zionist history of and motives for supporting ISIS, evedence of which was clear again today in the form of the Zio-American military shooting down a Syrian jet in Syrian airspace that had been attacking ISIS targets. There is no other explaination for this then Zio-America is part of Team ISIS, which is fighting a Syrian-Iranian-Russian Team Civilization.

Later Dr. Slattery joined the show, and they went on to talk about the Bram Stoker novel Dracula as a metaphor for Jewish power. Dracula sucks blood, is loses his power in sunlight, cowers at the sight of the cross, and is incapable of reflection. Sounds pretty Jewish, alright.

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Here is a video that really unveils the racist nature of Israeli society:

Note: This clip is a year old. This has been going on for a while. This clip is insane. They are openly talking about Israel as existing to “preserve the race.”