Dr. David Duke – Dave Chappelle Dares to Name “The Jews” – Why it’s Vital !
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Dr. David Duke – Dave Chappelle Dares to Name “The Jews” – Why it’s Vital !

 Nov 14 – Dr. David Duke – Dave Chappelle Dares to Name “The Jews” – Why it’s Vital !!

 Nov 11 – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Jewish insufferable Chutzpah Exposes the Jewish Supremacy and Tyranny that Rules Over Us!


Nov 10 – Dr Duke and Paul Stevenson – We are the true Dissident defenders of free speech and human rights! The Jewish Global Elite are the World’s Ultra Racists!

Nov 9 –  Duke & Slattery – Ezra Pound Was Right! this Election Proves “Democracy” is now Defined as a Nation Ruled by Jews!

Nov 8 –  Election Day! Vote Pragmatically for our short & long term interests! Vote against anyone who the Jewish Elite Favors!

Nov 7  – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – FACT: Political Censorship & Cancel Culture is Ruled by Jewish Racist Supremacy & Tyranny!

Nov 3  – Thur – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – How Jewish Supremacy in Media, Finance & Globalism Created the Panic, Lockdowns, Economic Robbery, and the deadly Vaxx of the Covid “Jew Flu”

Nov 2  – Wed – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Reason For Massive Anti-White Racism Today is that Jews Discriminated Against Non-Jewish Whites in their Replacement of the American Elite!

Nov 1  – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The ADL – Kanye – Tucker and Duke – Why They Hate Us! 


Oct 31 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – It is NOT an Elephant in the Room! – It is an enormous Jewish Mammoth! Jewish Supremacy is Not a Canard – it is Fact!

Will  Musk’s  Pledge  of Free  Speech  be  Realized?

Oct 28  – Friday – Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK – Question? MUSK HAS TWITTER NOW! Do We have Reason to Hope for Free Speech on Twitter?

Will  Musk’s  Pledge  of Free  Speech  be  Realized?

Oct 27  – Thur – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Question? Why do so many “anti-Semitic Canards turn out to be absolutely True?

Israel’s oldest daily proves that the Jewish genocidal maniacs of Israel did actually use typhus and other pathogens to poison the water wells of the Palestinian people. The “anti-semitic canard that Jews poisoned wells became absolutely true against Palestinian men, women and children!

Oct 26  – Wed – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Jewish Supremacy -Not an Elephant in the Room – a huge Mastodon that NO Media Icon  points out but Kanye!

Oct 25  – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Jewish NY Times Loves the Jew Lawyer that Destroyed Kanye Family & Hates Him for saying that Jews use their Power Silence their Enemies!

Oct 24  – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Anti-Semite once meant Someone Who Hates Jews: Now it is Someone Jews Hate! For Exposing Jewish Supremacy, War & Hypocrisy!

Oct 21  – Fri – Dr Duke and Collett — Jewish Supremacy is Destroying the American People – the EU – Endangers the Entire World & All Humanity!  

Oct 20  – Thur –  Tucker Finally Exposes the Ultra-Racist Jewish Media Inciting Blacks to Hate White People!

Tucker finally exposes the true power that is inciting Black hatred and violence against White People, in an attempt to weaponize them politically for their own Jewish Supremacy in America over Politics, Banking, and most importantly: Media!

It’s not the Black step-n-fetchit talking-heads. It is Jews who put the hate in their mouths! Jews totally control Comcast under Roberts) who is actually and an anti-White, anti-Russian Jew with the real family name of Mirzky and all of  NBC, MSNBC, CNBC on down. And the other four largest media corporations on Earth are all ruled by Zionist Jews!

Oct 19  – Wed – Jan 6 Committee Proves the Real Insurrection was NOT Jan 6, but the Jewish Takeover of America!

Oct 18  – Tue – How Jews Use the The Holocaust Religion to incite Jewish Racism, Supremacy, War and Tyranny!

Oct 17 – Mon – Trump Warns Jews that He and Kanye Have Had Enough! Russia Says Israel and Globalist Jews are the Enemy!