Do You Recognize this Man? He Was One of the Greatest Mass Murderers of All Time

genrich_grigorijewitsch_jagodaHere is the full book description from The Secret Behind Communism by Dr,. David Duke, as taken from the hardcover dust jacket:

Recognize this man? Not one person out of a thousand knows his name. It is Genrikh Yagoda, and historians agree that this Soviet communist secret police boss was one of the greatest genocidal mass murderers of all time. We hear nothing about him in the globalist media.

However, Israeli media reveal things that are hushed up for the rest of us. A major Israeli publication, Ynet News, disclosed the historical truth about Yagoda saying, “We mustn’t forget that some of the greatest mass murderers of all time were Jewish.” It goes on:

“Genrikh Yagoda was the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century… is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people.”

So Yagoda, who ironically sported a mustache identical to Hitler’s — killed twice the number alleged against Hitler (the premier Holocaust historian, Raoul Hilberg alleges 5.1 million). Ynet News goes on to matter-of-factly state:

“His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.”

Yet, we hear almost nothing in the news and the Hollywood and entertainment media about Yagoda and the legion of murderers who killed five times more people than the alleged numbers of Jewish Holocaust. Do you think those victims any less human, their children any less precious?

Why is there so little media about this? Why no Blockbuster films about the crimes of Yagoda and others? Why no trials and punishment? Why no museums and mass media on the Red Terror?

The group that dominates Hollywood and the media at large, hides the facts about the leading Jewish role in communism and its crimes.

Why can Israeli media but not our media reveal the leading Jewish role in these horrors?

This thoroughly researched book fearlessly documents and identifies those responsible for Communism all the way from the days of Karl Marx and Moses Hess. It documents the common Jewish roots of Communism and Zionism and the alliances and conflicts of the two movements, right up to the present day.

It reveals the transformation of Jewish Marxists since the Second World War into Zionists, modern leftists, progressives, and even neoconservatives, whose founders worshipped Leon Trotsky, the executor of the Red Terror.

This is the most complete and thorough treatment of the subject ever published and is based on the research of Dr. David Duke, Frank Britton, Nobel Laureate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and many others. It includes key quotes from Solzhenitsyn’s great work, Two Hundred Years Together, which has suspiciously not been published in English by the global media.

Finally, the book shows how the same ethnic tribalism that created the Bolshevik tyranny and genocide has not dissipated but intensified.

It created and fuels the racist, Jewish supremacist Israeli state, and the wars and Zio-globalist influence over media, government, and finance that threatens all of humanity.

About the Author

Dr. David Duke, a PhD in history, has lectured at over 200 universities on four continents. He has written books published in 17 languages and read by tens of millions of people all over the world. My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism are available from Free Speech Press.

Dr. Duke is a former member of the House of Representatives-LA, and served from 1989-1993, and he won two other elections. Millions have honored him with their votes.

He has appeared on over a thousand television and radio programs world wide, including three appearances on America’s most popular political TV program, Meet the Press, as well as on CNN, BBC and many others. His videos have had hundreds of millions of views, and an average over a 90 percent approval rating from viewers.

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Readers will surely agree that this has to be one of the most powerful books to emerge on the entire topic of the Jewish tribalist nature of Bolshevism and the greatest mass murders of all human history.