Despite Ongoing Treason, US and Israel “To Hold Largest Ever Joint Military Exercise”

Despite ongoing treason, espionage and betrayal against America, the US and Israel are going to hold the “largest ever” joint military exercise in October this year.

According to The Times of Israel newspaper, the focus will be on “stopping ballistic missiles” and will include “thousands of soldiers.”

The drill will “simulate simultaneous rocket fire from Syria and Iran.”

According to the newspaper, the commander of the 3rd Air Force, Lt.-Gen.Craig A. Franklin, on a recent visit to Israel, established a planning committee with representatives of the Israeli Defence Force to coordinate the details of the exercise.

Some 3,000 US soldiers are to participate, alongside thousands of Israeli troops.

The drill will simulate missiles being fired at Israel from Iran and Syria simultaneously, with potentially tens, if not hundreds, of rockets mid-air at the same time. Israel will test its upgraded Arrow 2 defense system, while the US will deploy the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System and PAC-3 Patriot air defense platforms.

According to Maariv, some military analysts have nicknamed the exercise a “dress rehearsal” for a potential military conflict, noting that it will send a clear message to Iran at a time during which the impact of international sanctions, or lack thereof, will be clearer.

News of the drill comes shortly after talks between world powers and Iran regarding Tehran’s nuclear program broke up without progress in Moscow.