Interview from Tehran – Dr. Duke Sets the Record Straight!

Dr. David Duke Addresses Conference In Tehran December 11th 2006David Duke Interviewed On MSNBC

Interview Conducted By Rita Cosby
December 12th, 2006

Rita Cosby: David What are you doing in Iran what are you doing at a conference which is basically debunking the Holocaust?

David Duke: The Conference is dedicated as its organizers said to Freedom of Speech and the fact is that in Europe there are men and women, sitting in prison, simply for uttering their opinion. Researchers, academics – there are 67 academics, college professors and other academics from all over the world who have differing opinions on the Holocaust, some who may have mainstream opinions some who have controversial opinions, but it is a shame and a DISGRACE that there are people in European countries in PRISON for voicing an opinion. David Irving is sitting in prison right now for THREE years for simply uttering his opinion about the Holocaust and Germar Rudolf also faces this……………………..

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Rita: But David I gotta interrupt you because you’re in Iran and you’re in a country where they have jailed journalists, where they have closed newspapers, they’ve deported critics – where they, many people say, don’t have Free Speech isn’t there some hypocrisy here?

David: Well there you go, well there you go –

Rita: Hey I’m getting the facts –

David: Well that’s a perfect example. If you are going to condemn Iran for their activities about Freedom of Speech or other Third World counties why don’t you condemn the activities of Europe who are suppressing European people. First we have got to be concerned about our own European homelands and our own country. The United States of America sent Germar Rudolf and sent Ernst Zundel to Germany to certain prison simply for having an opinion! These people are non-violent pacifists for that matter, they don’t advocate any sort of hate they are simply researchers. But we don’t have Freedom of Speech right now in Europe and that is what this conference is about, breaking this taboo and I agree with that conference
and I also agree with the idea that we shouldn’t be going to war against Iran.

Rita: Do you believe then David do you believe the Holocaust happened? Do you believe the Holocaust happened yes or no?

David: Mam I don’t think I can actually make a good decision about the Holocaust till I’m allowed to read and hear every point of view how can we know the truth about any point of view? And there is two issues here, – (cross talk starts) – one is freedom of speech and I think that, that.. wait wait why don’t you defend.. –

Rita: But David, but David when you say that what do you say to every, to all the historians – now David you have to answer this (cross talk stops) what do you say to all those historians who say 11 million people died are you saying it was all made up?

David: Well, let me – let me tell you something to you – people can say all sorts of things about historical events – the only way to get at the truth, the proper numbers or any other aspects of any historical event is to have free debate and Free Speech, and it’s a crime against humanity to put someone into prison for exercising speaking their conscience, for saying what they believe in a legitimate intellectual way and that’s precisely what is going on. That is what you should be concerned about, that’s what the American media should be condemning. Not the fact this conference is allowing free speech on this issue; that’s what they should be concerned about. America basically sent two Europeans to prison, to Europe where they went to prison for uttering their opinions – (cross talk starts) – this is, this is a scandal!

Rita: But do you understand David – do you understand David why so many people are so disgusted and find it so vile that all these people died and you’re basically saying, or that conference is basically saying it didn’t happen –

David: Well Ma’am look – look – Ma’am if it is so obvious and so self evident all of the aspects of the official Holocaust story, why then do you have to put people in prison to keep people from hearing their point of view? What do the Holocaust mainstream historians have to cover up? Look if you want to – people out there watching can listen to my speech on my website DavidDuke.com and read for themselves my opinions and they can think about this issue intelligently and that is how we must think about every issue, is by just going to the source and reading both sides.

Rita: And David in fair turn then let me take you at your word if you are talking about Free Speech are you going over to the Iranian government now and saying look, what about these jailed journalists, why not let journalists and why not let Free Speech, are you saying the Iranian hostage crisis didn’t happen?

David: Well I would urge – I would urge Iran, I would urge any country in the world to free people who are in any way restricted in their actions of Freedom of Speech. But again it’s like we are talking about the speck in somebody else’s’ eye and we are not looking at the beam in our own eye. Look in Europe right now – you can criticize, you can condemn, you can doubt Jesus Christ and nothing happens to you – you might get your own weekly T.V. show – but if you doubt the Holocaust you go to PRISON! This is a scandal! The Holocaust is almost a new religion of our times and I believe the Holocaust is used to advance the Zionist – the extremist Jewish agenda both in Israel and around the world and right now I think they are using it to try to foment a war with Iraq.

Rita: But you understand those people, both there are people who are not extremists who clearly say it happened, clearly a million people died and let me show and let me visit this comment just sent to me David – hold on one second David – this comment just came in, the president of Iran just said just a short time ago where you are there he said the Zionist regime will soon be “wiped out”. Do you understand why that is so offensive to so much of the world?

David: He didn’t say that –

Rita: No he did –

David: He said in fact – I was there – I met..

Rita: I’ll read you the quote –

David: Ma’am that was really a misquote. I was there, I met the man I heard the words in my own ears and I can provide tapes I think of the actual event. What he said was is that just like the Soviet government is no more, that the Zionist government – a government that oppresses and has ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people, that commits torture, that has invaded Lebanon, that commits human rights violations and that by the way has led America into the disaster of Iraq because we are in Iraq – America is in Iraq because the Jewish extremist neocons have brought us into Iraq…

Rita: (crosstalk) And David have you talked – have you talked to Iran about its meddling in…

David: …and he said that that government must be overturned – OVERTURNED JUST LIKE THE SOVIET GOVERNMENT WAS OVERTURNED go to my website at DavidDuke.com and read it for yourself –

Rita: David you make a fair point, but on the other hand have you said to the Iranian government stop meddling into Iraq stop meddling into another country as well?

David: I’ve asked some of the officials about some of those charges and in fact I’m going to meet with the Iranian president privately very soon and I’m going to address some of those questions, and even James Baker said that we need to increase a dialog with both Iran and Syria – and I can tell you something I have good relations and I know the individuals and leaders of these countries and I’d like to begin that dialog. I think that Iran shouldn’t be our enemy. Why should we be supporting Israel which has violated every nuclear idea, they have nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction – Iran has been a member of the Atomic Energy Inspection, they have allowed inspections, they – and yet Israel allows none. We have a double standard because of the Jewish Lobby and its power over the American government and much of the people –

Rita: And David – and David I got to interrupt you because time is out and of course a lot of people would take a lot of issue with that saying that also Iran in fact is also building nuclear weapons.. (garbled)

David: Well they can see my facts at DavidDuke.com.

Rita: And I do hope you talk to that government there too, thank you very much!