David Duke Photo Art

(PhotoArt -After the Storm)

Dostoyevsky passionately wrote that, “Only beauty can save us.” Preserving the heritage of European Mankind as well as all the unique expressions of Humanity is Dr. David Duke’s life task . He sees our people as a beautiful expression of God and Nature, a people of purpose here on the Living Earth and someday even having a destiny in the stars. His PhotoArt focuses primarily on the expressions of the beauty of Nature, and from that beauty and the appreciation of it, Mankind finds inspiration and peace.

David Duke’s passion for beauty is seen in his art. Indeed, the love and beauty that inspire all that he does. In addition to his writing, teaching, speaking and political skills, Dr. Duke has a wonderful photographic and artistic ability. Starting with one of his own finely composed photos, Dr. Duke then adds artistic flourish in color, brightness, contrast, composition, line and form to make a truly beautiful photo-artwork that will captivate and inspire you.

At a time when media-promoted junk “art” reaches new lows of ugliness and degeneracy, David Duke’s art uplifts and beautifies any home or office. Some of his work has been quietly displayed in European showings and galleries under a nom de plume.

A special selection of his photo-art is now available to you. All the prints are autographed in gold ink, offered here at a fraction of gallery prices. Every print is on the finest photographic paper and is a magnificent 50 by 70 centimeter format, perfect for a 70 x 100 cm (over 2 x 3 feet) frame size. Each is individually signed in gold ink and shipped securely in a sturdy, protective mailing tube. –Staff

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