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Hear James Edwards’ Inspiring Interview with Dr. David Duke on The Political Cesspool!

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FIRST HOUR: (GUEST) REP. DAVID DUKE – Former Louisiana Representative David Duke will be making a live appearance via telephone from Italy in order to discuss the War Against Christmas and the egregious double standards that the ADL and other radical organizations are advocating. ( * NOTE * We played an extended medley of Christmas songs at the beginning of tonight’s broadcast. If you wish to bypass the music and go directly to the interview, please use your cursor to scroll exactly 10 minutes, 41 seconds, into the audio stream. Thanks!) SECOND HOUR: GUEST REP. DAVID DUKE (Cont.) – James Edwards and David Duke lead you into the weekend! (Also be sure to visit The Political Cesspool’s Home Page, Blog and their incredible program Archive!)

Hear Previous Shows with Dr. David Duke!

Political Cesspool – 9/25/07
FIRST HOUR: (GUEST) DR. DAVID DUKE – Former Louisiana State Representative David Duke joins us on-air to discuss the horrific current events taking place in Jena, Louisiana. SECOND HOUR: (GUEST) DR. DAVID DUKE (Cont.) – James Edwards and Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller continue with their esteemed guest during tonight’s second hour. Dr. Duke will talk about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York as well as Bush’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General. This program will certainly be one of our most celebrated of the year. DON’T MISS IT!
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Political Cesspool – 2/20/07
GUEST: DR. DAVID DUKE – Don’t miss tonight’s sizzling edition of The Political Cesspool as we welcome back former Representative David Duke, live from Europe! Duke, who recently earned his PhD., will be making his second appearance on the program this evening when we discuss the need for an America First foreign policy and the influence of those who are preventing our country from acting in its own best interests. Staying with us for the entire hour, we’ll also tackle the suppression of free speech here at home and the Orwellian imprisonment of so-called “thought criminals” abroad.
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Political Cesspool – 8/11/06
GUEST: DR. DAVID DUKE – Be with us tonight as we are joined from Austria by this author, commentator and former State Representative who will be offering us his take on the situation in Lebanon from the standpoint of American interests in the region.
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