David Duke on Dino Costa Radio Program — Denver Colorado

Popular radio talkshow host Dino Costa does a no-holds-barred interview with David Duke. Dino Costa disagrees with Dr. David Duke on a number of issues but he believes in freedom of speech and is courageous enough to let people judge for themselves the ideas and opinions of one of the world’s best known controversial political figures.

Hear Dino Costa Interview Dr. David Duke!

Some people are quite surprised (and skeptical) at the information that Dr. Duke discusses. Everything he says is well-documented and proven. Here are some links to subjects David Duke covers in the program so you can verify their authenticity for yourself.

* The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s Church

* Prof. Nathan Abrams’ (Jewish Professor) article, “Triple xxxthnics” — How Jewish pornographers are motivated by atavistic hatred of White Christians

* How Jewish organizations have been the driving force behind the immigration invasion

* 37,460 White women victims of Black male rape or sexual assault in 2005 — less than 10 Black female victims of White rape or sexual assault

* The new film Greta, promoting White teenage girls to date Black men, even with criminal records!

* “Not Jewish enough to marry a Cohen,” How the Israeli government forbids Jewish Cohanim from marrying religious Jews who possess even a trace of Gentile blood in their genetic ancestry
[Originally posted July 28th, 2008]