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David Duke / Kevin MacDonald one-two punch on Jewish privilege, “anti-terrorism,” and immigration

Dr. Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald discussed a law suit being brought by Asian students claiming racial discrimination in admission to Harvard University. In fact, discrimination against non-Jewish whites is far more severe at Harvard, where Jewish students are massively privileged in terms of admissions. But Jewish privilege at Harvard doesn’t stop with admissions. Professor MacDonald pointed out that Harvard’s Jewish President Lawrence Summers appointed fellow tribe member Elana Kagan as Dean of Harvard Law School despite qualifications that would have been better suited to a position at a community college.


They then went on to discuss an article from The Occidental Quarterly on a new anti-terrorism law that introduces secondary liability so that “victims of terrorism” can sue not just the perpetrators of terrorism but any organizations or institutions that can be shown to be connected to the alleged terrorists. Professor MacDonald pointed out that not enough attention is given to the Jewish domination of the legal system.

They also talked about the new book on immigration by Ann Coulter, which to its credit goes beyond the issue of illegal immigration and talks about the problem of the legal framework of the immigration system. However, it does not mention that Jews played the leading role in passing our immigration laws, and it is questionable how much of a chance there is of winning the immigration struggle if you are afraid to even identify your opponents.

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