No Beauty in the Beast: Israel without Her Mascara

No Beauty in the Beast: Israel without Her Mascara

Mark Glenn is an accomplished author and the webmaster of Crescent and the Cross

As a politically correct apostate I have rejected the religion of political correctness which has freed me from the dogmatic and confining requirement to please everyone all the time. This allows me to write what I like, when I like, and about whom I like without qualms. I am completely free of the self imposed limitations that an embrasure of the PC Agenda guarantees and I prefer it that way.

Mark Glenn too is a politically correct apostate; he more than proves this with his latest book “No Beauty in the Beast: Israel Without Her Mascara.” Glenn has taken political incorrectness to a whole new level, this book hones in on Israel like no other I have ever read. It is hands down the absolute best book I have ever read on the hypocrisy so intimately associated with the religious right in the United States and its love affair with a group of people and a nation that quite literally despise them. This unbelievable and un-Christian sycophancy has reached the point now where several hundred Christian Zionists from the United States recently appeared in the Israel Parliament [Knesset] asking Israel for its forgiveness for “centuries of Christian anti-Semitism.” Folks, this is a sickness, when so called Christian leaders have reached the point where they openly worship those associated with a religion that rejects every single significant tenet of Christianity [Whereas in comparison, Islam does not] – this isn’t my personal opinion and/or even a particular religious point of view, this is an undeniable and empirical fact. In any case, Glenn excises all of the superfluous garbage necessary in a tome that was written to please everyone and gets right down to the facts. The author does this so well in fact that even I was irked by his insight and unapologetic honestly a time or two, but I couldn’t put the book down. More on this later…

No Beauty in the Beast: Israel Without Her Mascara was written from the point of view of an educated Christian, a rarity these days, when so many so-called Christians couldn’t find Israel on a map with the assistance of a cartographer. Believe it or not, geography is important, it is an indication as to whether or not someone has an “educated opinion ,” consider the so called Christian soccer mom I spoke with a week ago that casually informed me that she supported our troops in Kuwait. That’s right, she literally thought the war was being fought in Kuwait, she wasn’t even aware of the fact that US soldiers were occupying Iraq. When I encounter such incredible ignorance, I don’t even know how to respond to it. I have a Turkish friend that uses a “rule of three,” he tells me if he encounters an American with an opinion on Iraq, he’ll ask them if they can name three countries bordering Iraq; if they can’t, he’ll refuse to even discuss the issue with them. That’s pretty sage advice.