ADL the Jewish Extremist organization famous for sponsoring unconstitutional laws and spying on Americans has attacked Ron Paul over his wide spread support – John Young and Frank Roman fire back:

Ron Paul versus The Haters

When you think of the images that are evoked by appellations like “White Supremacist,” “Nazi,” “Racist” or “Anti-Semite” – are any of those images compatible with the sorts of policies advocated by Ron Paul and favored by white activists? Absolutely not.

By John Young and Frank Roman

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Well, the Anti-Defamation League has exhibited another acute attack of foot-in-mouth disease by attacking the extremely popular presidential candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s supporters come from all walks of life. They are white, black, Asian, heterosexual, homosexual, Catholic, Protestant, Wiccan and Jewish. Probably no other candidate has shown such a broad appeal, or excited such intense commitment in his supporters. There’s a reason for this other than his good looks, of course, which we’ll explore in a minute. But the Anti-Defamation League, the self-selected determiners of which thoughts people are allowed to think, has selected ONE group of Ron Paul supporters as particularly troublesome: so-called “White Supremacists.” Specifically, the ADL’s assistant director of civil rights, Steven Freeman, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency his organization planned to communicate with Dr. Paul privately and urge him to distance himself from those groups. “If he doesn’t do that, then we will decide what we’re going to say publicly about it,” Freeman said. Because the ADL is so tangled in its own ridiculous rhetoric and lies, they don’t understand why so many pro-European-American activists have endorsed and supported Ron Paul’s candidacy. However, it’s vital to note that not everyone agrees 110% with each and every one of Dr. Paul’s election planks. That would be an impossible feat. The issue here is that, in the minds of a growing number of people, Ron Paul represents the best hope for America.

But that’s why we’re here: to help them, and our listeners, understand.

The first error in the ADL’s analysis is in their extremely broad definition of so-called “White Supremacism.” This isn’t really an honest error, but is rather derivative of their philosophical origins in Frankfurt School critical theory. It is an attempt to turn the basic instincts of fair play inherent in European Americans against themselves so they will destroy themselves in a fit of altruistic self punishment. When you think of a “White Supremacist” — what images come into your mind? A cloaked Klansman lynching a black man over an insult? Perhaps a Nazi laughing with fiendish glee as he throws Jewish children into gas chambers? Maybe a criminal mastermind holding the world for ransom? That is why the term is used, and used so liberally by the philosophical descendants of Karl Marx over at the ADL. The connotation is extremely negative, so negative in fact that any rational white person would willingly punish another white person who held those views. And really, a person’s chances of ever being accosted by an alleged ‘neo-Nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’ are about as good as hitting the lottery.

So the term “White Supremacist” is just a well-honed weapon like many others that are used to destroy our culture by destroying any ties we may have to our religions, families, ancestry, heritage or nation. Thus, the definitions of “White Supremacist,” “racist,” “Nazi,” “anti-Semite” and many such terms have become so broad that they can be applied to practically anyone with whom they disagree philosophically. Because these terms evoke such visceral negative reactions among our folk, the ADL is able to use them almost at will to trigger a reactive self-punishment against our own people even when the actual behaviors of our folk don’t merit punishment at all. Unfortunately, there is a small subgroup of European Americans who go out of their way to fit the ADL’s description of ‘nazi,’ bigot and anti-Semite, and this phenomena is then directed by the ADL to even the most benign form of racial activism. Therefore, we at EAU decry this kind of conduct just as vociferously as the ADL protested the antics of the Jewish Defense League.

Here in the real world, organizations like EAU reject genocidal sociopaths because that’s not what we’re all about. Your average member of an organization like European Americans United is primarily interested in fairness and equity, freedom and justice. And this is the core of why so many pro-European-American activists support Ron Paul. Our attitudes on race entail mutual respect for both the importance of difference AND common humanity. We are full-faceted human beings with a variety of interests, the vast majority of which touch on matters of race tangentially if at all. The truth of the matter certainly doesn’t merit the sort of rhetoric that the ADL applies; though as you should know by now, the ADL simply uses the terms to exert power rather than elucidate reality. Ron Paul, most assuredly and quite explicitly does not share our views on the matter of race. But we’re just like everyone else, so race isn’t the only subject we consider being important in an election. We get our paycheck on Friday, find a third of it missing, and we want to keep more of what we earn. We hear about the Patriot Act and massive wiretapping, and we want it stopped. We don’t want our tax money being sent to any foreign countries as long as there is a single American child that doesn’t have enough food. We hear about the ballooning budget deficit and worry about the future of our children and grandchildren. We know illegal aliens are causing a mess in the nation and we want it stopped. Because the Anti Defamation League cannot dispute the factuality and value of Ron Paul’s message they instead employ classic character assassination and guilt-by-association by exhorting the bogeyman of bogeymen to shamble out of his closet.

Ron Paul has specific positions on specific issues that, in the main, we believe would be beneficial. He would implement the Fair Tax (www.fairtax.org>), which would abolish the IRS with all of its evils, boost our economic growth by 10% overnight and simultaneously give the government as much money as it had before. This is a winning issue not just for European-Americans, but for everyone. The ADL would have you believe that pro-European-American activists are so narrow-minded and hateful that we’d oppose any policy that would also help members of other ethnic groups, but that’s not true. We at EAU don’t hate anyone, so why would we cut off our nose to spite our face? Our only crime is to look out for the interests of our race as do any number of non-white groups look out for their own, a position the ADL simply cannot allow to progress because — in the arena of ideas — it just might work. Ron Paul also favors the gradual and controlled reform of our Federal Reserve System, an end of deficit spending, and allowing competing private currencies. This could only serve to make our country more stable, more sustainable, and more competitive. This would positively affect everyone of every ethnicity. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate favoring these positions that would give our grandchildren a brighter future. Don’t forget: these views are shared by an increasingly restive European American population who would never consider race as a bonafide concern. But according to the ADL’s ‘logic’ these folks simply must have Nazi sympathies for supporting Ron Paul, or they are being duped — no doubt about it.

We at European Americans United take the United States Constitution and our founding fathers very seriously; much more seriously than most politicians to be sure. While putting the Federal government back into its Constitutional prison would certainly help our own Folk, in the long run it would help everyone else too. The expansion of Federal power has created a society in which every possible definable special interest is aligned against every other and does its best to buy our legislature. Ron Paul clearly opposes such an abomination and the ADL implicitly supports it — possibly because they have unlimited access to the halls of power. This comes from the fact that our government has seized powers that the founding fathers never intended it to have so special interests can use it like a weapon against the very people whose interests it was supposed to serve. With these powers scaled back we’d have a less corrupt government that was more responsive to the needs of the people and less responsive to special interests, such as the ADL. The curtailment of this abuse of power benefits everyone, and Ron Paul is the only candidate likely to deliver on this promise.

George Washington warned this country long ago that getting entangled with foreign alliances would lead to needless bloodshed. And so it has. Again, Ron Paul is the only candidate with a foreign policy compatible with Washington, Jefferson and Madison. This, we believe, would ultimately be to everyone’s benefit. Ron Paul is the only candidate running who unambiguously stands for the Bill of Rights, the entire Bill of Rights without equivocation. Again, this is to everyone’s benefit. Now we want to demonstrate something very important. When you think of the images that are evoked by appellations like “White Supremacist,” “Nazi,” “Racist” or “Anti-Semite” – are ANY of those images compatible with the sorts of policies advocated by Ron Paul and favored by EAU? Absolutely not. Scaling back the powers of government and re-establishing the Bill of Rights is utterly incompatible with those images. However, the Anti Defamation League doesn’t seem to be concerned when groups like LaRaza or MEChA implicitly embrace their own brands of racial superiority, nor do they mind when government is called upon by the same to enforce such madness. So what is really bothering the Frankfurt School social deconstructionists over at the Anti-Defamation league is that our public issue advocacy proves that the terms they are using to describe European-American advocates are nothing but LIES – bald faced vindictive LIES. Our politics are quite mainstream; and the fact that we are supporting a good and noble yet unconventional candidate who doesn’t even mention matters of race threatens to upset their lucrative apple cart. They want to nip this phenomenon in the bud before their objectives become so obvious that everyone will see them for what they are. But what they have really done, as is appropriate for an organization that favors repeal of the Second Amendment, is shot themselves in the foot. Again.

Now then since the Anti Defamation League invokes Germany and ‘Nazis’ ad nauseum let’s go ahead and talk about Germany for a minute. A quick history lesson is in order, so pay attention here. Between World War I and World War II, Germany was struggling under massive reparation payments to the victors of the First World War under the treaty of Versailles. Germany had all of its gold confiscated and was forced to adopt a fiat currency system. By the time 1933 rolled around and the effects of the Great Depression were felt as well, the German people were starving and inflation was so bad people had to use wheel barrows of money just to buy bread. It was under this sort of circumstance, this sort of environment, in which a man like Adolf Hitler, a totalitarian statist with no conception of a Bill of Rights, could come to power. And come to power he did.

As a general rule, extremely tough economic times make people agreeable to the adoption of totalitarian rule. It could be Marxist as the ADL-types would prefer, it could be akin to Nazism. It could be many things; but no matter what it would be a totalitarian type of government incompatible with the best interests of the American people such as what Ron Paul advocates. Everyone knows what the Nazis did, but we suffer from a collective amnesia in this country regarding the atrocities of the Marxists while they were in power. In quick summary, the Marxists murdered the best and brightest of the people, established a system of gulags for those they didn’t kill and overall, just in the Soviet Union alone, killed an estimated 20 million people. Totalitarianism is totalitarianism; it is terrorism against the human spirit and death to the body and soul. No matter what name you attach to it, Nazism, Marxism, Communism … the end result is the same. There are no “better” forms of totalitarianism, especially when linked to a philosophical core. Big government as defined by the mainstream pundits and implemented by George W. Bush has no choice but to evolve into exactly what the ADL says so-called ‘white supremacists’ who support Ron Paul want — but which Ron Paul rejects without apology.

They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we spy on innocent citizens. But we don’t do that – they do.

They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we try to silence dissenters. But we don’t do that – they do.

They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we would disarm the innocent and make them victims of criminals and government forces. But we don’t do that – they do.

They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we seek to eliminate freedom on the Internet. But we don’t do that – they do.

They call us “neo-Nazis” as though we are targeting innocent people for ruination. But we don’t do that – they do. And truth be told, if anyone other than Dr. Ron Paul sits in the White House they will ensure these kinds of draconian measures stay in place — if not get worse.

The problem with totalitarianism linked to a philosophical core is that the underlying philosophy is a necessary abstraction of a limited set of observations of humanity and as such automatically inaccurate. When the philosophy is applied by a totalitarian government, instead of the philosophy being changed to suit the people, the people are forced into the mold of the philosophy through various forms of violence and coercion. It doesn’t matter whether that philosophy summarizes only the economic portion of man while ignoring the biological and spiritual like communism or capitalism, or if the philosophy summarizes mainly the racial portion of man while ignoring the spiritual and historical; the end result is a human mass crushed under the heel of tyranny.
You may have noticed if you’ve been paying attention, that the country is suffering under an extreme credit crunch and a ‘correction’ in the housing market. You may also know that Peak Oil is on the way, and it will likely bring a depression in its wake. Most presidential candidates, like Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, have very little actual understanding of real-world economics. They are either committed to socializing (as in National SOCIALISM or the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) 1/6th of our entire economy like Hillary Clinton’s medical care schemes, or committed to dumping billions and trillions of dollars into foreign adventures in Iraq and Iran like Rudy Giuliani. Neither of these approaches is even remotely sensible given the precarious state of our economy and what is coming down the pike. Both are likely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and throws the United States into a depression that would otherwise be a recession. And that depression would lay open the path to totalitarian rule, especially in a country so ethnically divided and where resource scarcity could trigger ethnic violence requiring serious government repression to maintain order.

It can’t be said, with certainty, when the confluence of events will be right to bring this about, but what we CAN say is that as an outgrowth of the Frankfurt School’s explicit purpose of ultimately imposing a Marxist regime, the ADL has worked its entire existence to make the transition to totalitarian rule possible. Don’t listen to their words; look instead to their deeds for verily, by their deeds ye shall know them. The ADL seeks the abolition of the Second Amendment. That sounds a lot like Hitler and Stalin to me. They push censorship software that they euphemistically call “content filtering.” That sounds like Hitler and Stalin to me. They make sure that ordinary people who say things the ADL doesn’t like too loudly wind up jobless and homeless, just like in the USSR. It can almost be said that they welcome totalitarianism — at least, anyway, as long as they have a place at the table of rule. But, you see, that’s a real wildcard. Will that table have a Lenin and Trotsky as the ADL would seem to prefer, or would a REAL anti-Semite, a REAL Adolf Hitler be there? That cannot be controlled or predicted.

And this is where the rubber hits the road. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your race or religion is. Unless you are some sort of advocate of destruction, you will NOT gain through the ADL’s vision of the future. Rather, you will lose. Jews will lose, Catholics will lose. Blacks will lose, whites will lose. The only ones who gain are the fascistic totalitarian little Hitlers and Lenins over at the ADL and in academic think tanks — unless, of course, it is a Hitler who finally comes to power whereupon they all lose too. In short our support for Ron Paul says that a Hillary or Rudy in the White House has the best chance for bringing about the very conditions the ADL insists so-called “white supremacists” are working toward. So essentially, if it’s a devalued dollar and higher taxes you want, more off shoring and less good paying jobs, an increased surveillance state, more political correctness, more hate crime laws, less state’s rights and yet another bloodbath in the Middle East the ADL wants YOU.

We believe in freedom, rather than slavery. Personal responsibility rather than a nanny state, a sound money supply, a strong bill of rights and a government that doesn’t have enough authority or power to ever put troops on the street to control their subjects or force them into internment camps. We stand for freedom. Ron Paul stands for freedom. The ADL stands for tyranny and death by scaring people with threats of slander forcing them to reject Ron Paul; and when they attack Ron Paul, they make that fact sorely evident. Their time is running out, because, among other groups, intelligent Jews all over America can see the writing on the wall. They can see that the ADL is protecting them against freedom, rather than from any real risk from so-called ‘white supremacists’ who happen to support Dr. Ron Paul.

November 17th, 2007

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