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Compare the Duke University Lacrosse Rape case and the Newsom-Christian Murders

(left) Newsweek cover example of the immense coverage of the nonexistent rape at Duke University. (right) The real life White victims of rape, torture and murder at the hands of Black assailants — yet, not reported by a single national news medium.

Racial Bias in News Coverage

Comparing the Duke Lacrosse Team “Rape” Coverage to the torture, rape and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

By David Duke

For more than a year the District Attorney in the area of Duke University accused members of the Lacrosse team of a rape against an African American woman who happened to be a stripper, drug addict and prostitute. The politically-minded prosecutor clearly committed the felonious crime of obstruction of justice as he hid exculpatory forensic evidence absolving the boys of any crime. After months of scandalous news coverage and universal condemnation against the Lacrosse team and Duke, the cases were dropped.

Because this incident concerned alleged White perpetrators and an alleged Black victim, the prosecutor felt he had a right to criminally obstruct justice to the point of jailing some young college men for a crime they did not commit. The controlled media used this incident to expose alleged White racism and White hate crimes against non-Whites. The Duke university Lacrosse “rape” story grew to the point where there is hardly a person in America, Canada or even Europe or Australia who has not heard of the case. In literally thousands of articles the media shamelessly brought an anti-White race angle into the case. The chronic theme was “White boys from decent families assault poor Black woman.” In a lynch mob atmosphere, eighty-eight Duke University faculty members signed a letter calling for the punishment of the boys even before the investigation was completed. Vigilante posters picturing the Lacrosse team appeared all over the Duke campus. To quote the faculty letter:

The lacrosse team… may well feel they can claim innocence and sport their disgraced jerseys on campus, safe under the cover of silent whiteness. But where is the black woman who their violence and raucous witness injured for life?

Later, after months of unjust and brutal character assassination against the Lacrosse players, forensic evidence was finally released showing them completely innocent of the alleged crime. Perhaps even worse was the fact that “racism” was the word used in countless commentaries on the case in the press. Only problem was, none of the criminal allegations were true. As raunchy as the boys’ behavior was, they did nothing violent or illegal and their actions were not one wit more disgusting than the behavior of the supposed “victim.” Even the district attorney had to eventually admit that fact.

About a year after the incident, on March 24, 2007, in America’s most prestigious newspaper, The New York Times, Selena Roberts wrote an article titled, “Closing a Case Will Not Mean Closure at Duke.” In it, she admits that members of Duke’s Lacrosse team were wronged by false charges and the prosecuting attorney may have been guilty of purposefully prosecuting innocent people, but she wails that Duke University and that Whites in general are still guilty of racism.

“Don’t mess with Duke, though. To shine a light on its integrity has been treated by the irrational mighty as a threat to white privilege…

“No one would want an innocent Duke player wronged or ruined by false charges — and that may have occurred on Nifong’s watch — but the alleged crime and the culture are mutually exclusive.”

Roberts is, of course, the real racist. She has no ability to see the racism of prosecuting Whites unjustly, withholding exculpatory evidence and ruining the lives of White students simply because they are White and the alleged victim is Black.

Now let’s contrast the coverage of the Duke Lacrosse nonexistent rape with the actual rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Channon and Christopher were in love and pursuing their education at the University of Tennessee. Their only crime was they had a car that the assailants wanted and that they hated White people enough to commit heinous acts of torture and murder against them.

The horrendous crimes against this young White couple are forensically proven:

Channon Christian was tortured and repeatedly raped for a period of two days by five Black assailants including a Black woman.

While she was still alive, Channon’s breasts were cut from her body.

The Black assailants poured toxic cleaning fluid down her throat to destroy DNA evidence.

Channon’s boyfriend Christopher Newsom was tortured and forced to watch the rape and torture of Channon.

While still alive, the assailants cut off Christopher’s penis.

Christoper was shot, bound and his body wrapped up in bedding and set afire.

Channon’s disfigured corpse was dumped in a trash can.

These crimes were real. They are proven by forensic evidence and the confessions of the assailants.

Now contrast the coverage of the real life rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom with that of the alleged 30 minute rape of Black stripper at Duke University. A year after the alleged Duke Lacrosse rape which have proven to be a lie, The NY Times is still assailing the racism at Duke University, and there are currently, as of this writing on Easter Sunday, April 8, the following media stories of the fake Duke rape incident and the real Christian-Newsom rape and murders:

A Google News search of Duke rape finds a total of 1,031 current articles many of them by major news media.

A Google News search of Channon Christian finds a total of only 3 current articles, none of them by major media.

A google search of the Web with Duke rape finds a total of 1,170,000 citations, overwhelmingly comprised of major media.

A google search of the Web with Channon Christian finds a total of only 24,000, almost none in major media.

Now, don’t for one minute think the Christian-Newsom case is some rare exception. There have been thousands of White women raped, tortured and murdered by Black assailants in the last decade alone, and many of their assailants have been proven to have displayed racial hatred during the commission of their crimes. Many Black serial rapists specifically targeted White women for their crimes. Gangster rap has lyrics and video explicitly calling for hate and murder of White people, and much of it is published by major record labels.

Why am I the only nationally-known figure who has even dared to mention this horrific hate crime and the racist, anti-White, double standard that exists in the controlled media?  I am called a racist for simply exposing intolerable numbers of interracial violent crime rate against White people.

There have been major national conferences by mainstream organizations seeking to reduce the quote, “Black on Black crime rate.” It is as if Black crimes against White people such as Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom do not really matter, only Black on Black crimes do. Make a Google search on “White hate crimes” and then do one on “Black hate crimes.” There are less than half the number of articles on “Black hate crimes” although Blacks attack White people at least 3,000 percent more than Whites attack Blacks. Let that sink in, that’s not a 30 or 40 percent higher rate of attacks of Blacks against Whites than Whites against Blacks (which would be bad enough), it is not even a 300 percent higher rate — but a 3,000 percent higher rate!

I am not a racist, I don’t hate any race as a group and I don’t want to suppress or harm anyone. The fact that I love my people and my family and that I don’t want them to fall victims of pervasive Black criminality does not make me racist–it makes me a realist. I am a realist who sees reality rather than the lies propagated by the mass media, lies that attempt to make us think that Blacks are chronic victims of White hate crime rather than the other way around. The fact that I know that my two daughters are in far more danger of being hurt in an average Black school or Black neighborhood doesn’t make me a racist, it makes me a concerned father who doesn’t want his daughters subject to a greater danger of enduring a horrible fate like that of Channon Christian.

The media and political establishment constantly tell European Americans about the terrible wrongs of historical segregation. They tell us how that those policies hurt the feelings of Black people by Blacks having their own schools and their own neighborhoods instead of integrated ones. So they forcibly integrated our schools and neighborhoods. What is the result of it all? It is not just some hurt feelings. It is tens of thousands of White victims of non-White racism and violence. We are talking about tens of thousands of White people who now fall victim of Black violence and brutality each year as a result of the policies of forced integration. We are talking about real human suffering, physical beatings, robbery, rape and murder. How does that stark human cost stack up to the supposed evil of segregation?

I am not an advocate of forced segregation and certainly not of forced integration. People should have the freedom to live and associate with whom they desire. People should have the right not to have their child be forced into a school where the child has at least a 1,000 percent more chance of being harmed! That is the most natural thing on earth. Any parent who would intentionally send their child into a school where he or she would have a ten times greater chance of being attacked and hurt is not a good parent, period. No truly caring White parents want their children to be sent into overwhelmingly Black schools where drugs, violence, filthy language, academic inferiority and the evil of gangster rap and gangster rap culture is far more prevalent than in White schools. Again, to state these facts is not racism, it is reality. No one can deny the realities of those schools, and no one actually does deny it. The anti-White crowd just blames every terrible condition of those schools on White racism. But all that does not change the fact of the fate of White children sent into those hell holes. The humanity of the White children, their welfare and well-being are never taken into account.

The media speaks incessantly about the Black victims of White criminality. For nine years we have heard constantly about the dragging death in Jasper, Texas of the habitual Black criminal, James Byrd. All people, including me, condemn brutality by anyone against anyone. But, when crime figures reveal that proportionally more than 100 White women are raped by Black men — to only one Black woman by Whites — why is that not an issue? If the figures were reversed, would not the issue be discussed in the national media. You and I know the answer to that. There would be mass marches in the streets to protest the racism and inhumanity of the high numbers of rapes against Black women! There would be documentaries, protests, books, articles, commissions, and a raft of public condemnations from city councilmen to the president, from local clergymen to the Pope.

There are frequent articles, books and documentaries about historical lynchings against Black people, something nonexistent today. Every decent person condemns lynching, as do I in the most forceful of manner. The process of law and justice should always be applied in every case. the accused should always be accorded constitutional rights and due process. Yet, the blatant fact is that in the last 100 years there were less than 1,000 lynchings, with practical none of them occurring in the last 30 years. Compare that fact to the current reality of tens of thousands of White people falling victim to Black violent crime each and every year! You check out the indisputable facts on this issue in the (Color of Crime Report).

It should be understood also that the White victims of rape and murder are completely innocent people, while frankly. most of the lynch victims were guilty of terrible crimes against the innocent. No one can excuse lynching of alleged Black criminals or any other criminal, and all decent people do condemn it. But, no one can excuse the rape, robbery, beating and murder of White people either, and it should be remembered that most of the White victims are completely innocent women, children and the elderly. As shocking as it may sound, more innocent White people are killed each and every year than all the Black people who were lynched in the last hundred years!

The media tells us that it is the height of moral compassion, justice and love to be outraged at the murder of a Black person at the hands of Whites.

But, to be outraged at an epidemic-number of rapes and murders of White people by Blacks, the media tells us is “racist.”

Next time that someone tells you about the racism that exists in our society against Black people, educate them on the facts of the Duke Lacrosse story and the Newsom-Christian rape torture and murder.

In plain truth:

European Americans are losing our country.

Our people are enduring horrendous crimes.

Our people are victims of massive hate propaganda.

Our heritage is being wiped away.

Our morals are being eroded by an alien Hollywood.

Our hard-earned dollars are losing their value.

Our borders are being invaded.

Our people are being outnumbered.

While we suffer the loss of our own homeland, the Government and the media send off our young people to fight and die overseas for Israel.

We at stand for the right of all people to preserve their heritage and to be free. We endorse these principles for every people on earth and insist these human rights are also accorded to our own people. We will not sit idly by while we lose what so many of our forefathers sacrificed their lives to attain: their freedom and heritage.

We have no higher purpose at this critical moment in the long history of our people than to give our lives to the very cause of our people’s survival.

To this end we dedicate our lives.

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom will not be forgotten!

–David Duke