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Come to the 2018 Joint Conference of the American Freedom Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens!

The American Freedom Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens presents:

Come hear and meet Dr. David Duke in person at the AFP and CofCC International Conference in Nashville on June 15-16.


Dr. Tom Sunic
Former Croatian Diplomat and University Professor

James Edwards
Founder of the Political Cesspool Broadcast

Dr. Kevin MacDonald
Editor of Occidental Observer; Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California State University – Long Beach

Dr. David Duke
Former Republican Louisiana State Representative

Bill Johnson
Attorney and American Freedom Party National Chairman

Dr. Adrian Krieg
Author; Contributing Writer and on the Editorial Board of the Nationalist Times

Dr. Virginia Abernethy
Professor Emerita of Psychiatry and Anthropology at Vanderbilt University

Dr. Michael Hill
Former History Professor; Co-founder and President of the League of the South

Earl Holt
President of the Council of Conservative Citizens

Dominic  Lüthard
Chairman of the Swiss Nationalist Party

International Speakers from:
Japan First Party
Knights Templar International

All the speakers will be charting the path to  victory to securing the human rights and freedoms of our people in the existential crisis ahead.
There will be no self-censorship at the this conference, we are assembling together
nonviolently exercising our 1st Amendment freedom of Speech and Assembly to speak to each other and to the world on behalf of the survival and freedom of our people and the realities of the racist, anti-white media and political Zionist establishment that seeks our destruction along with globalist subjugation of the world in endless wars.