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Columbus Day is now officially the racist “Day of the Race!” Rise up for our European heritage and freedom!

Dr. Duke had a very special Columbus Day broadcast today. While the holiday is no longer observed in many parts of the United States and has even been renamed “Indigenous Peoples Day” or the “Day of the Race,” it is undeniable that Columbus was one of the most significant people in history. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed pre-Columbian movements of people into the Americas and looked at the significance of evidence that the very first people may have been from Europe, and not Asia. They pointed out that even in historic times, Mongols and Bantus were every bit the conquerors that Europeans were, yet Europeans are regarded as uniquely genocidal even thought it was Europeans, at the height of their power, who introduced a new morality to world affairs that outlawed the age-old practices of slavery and conquest.


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Dr. Slattery talked about the anti-scientific Zio establishment that has taken over academia and represses work on Solutrean settlement of America, the origins of the Kennewick Man, and other non-Indian groups that may have reached America. He also raised the issue of the obliteration of the history of the Australian pygmies, the likely first Australians who were displaced by the subsequent arrival of the Aborigines. These pygmy tribes still lived in Queensland in the 20th Century and were well-studied, yet their existence was virtually erased from the record when 1960s radicals decided that they were inconvenient to the narrative of uniquely genocidal Europeans conquering a singular Aboriginal race that had owned the continent from time immemorial.

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