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Christmas Adverts: Multicultural Propaganda (Here is Mark Collett’s latest video (Currently banned for violating YouTube rules on acknowledging the obvious))

Christmas Adverts: Multicultural Propaganda

From Mark Collett — A frank discussion on the current crop of Christmas adverts which all feature mixed race families and scenes that can only be described as multicultural propaganda. These adverts illustrate the aims and goals of the globalist corporations and the internationalists who own them – which is a world where those of European descent are slowly bred out of existence.

TESCO Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/qSUkAURUU1I

Debenhams Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/fyNhzFYP3ts

eBay Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/92Wb7l5RCmU

John Lewis Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/Jw1Y-zhQURU

Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/KfaSxIkLslE

Morrisons Christmas Advert https://youtu.be/FxyNhf1Ab18

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