Michael Chertoff: Trust Us

Michael Chertoff: Trust Us
by Dave Cooper

It was reported today that government employee Michael Chertoff has stated that Americans should not be concerned about turning over their personal information to the government, especially if they don’t want to “be pulled aside and questioned…to be called out of line and someone’s going to do a secondary search of your bag and they’re going to ask you a lot of personal questions in the full view of everybody else.”

Stated more honestly, Chertoff would have people choose between submitting their personal information to the government or to being strip-searched in public. It’s the people’s choice…and isn’t choice what freedom’s all about?

He also said that people ought not to worry about a plan by the Transportation Security Administration to collect passengers’ full names and birth dates before they board an airplane. After all, “The average American gives information up to get a CVS card that is far more in-depth than TSA’s going to be looking at.” Apparently Chertoff would like to obscure the difference between applying for a drugstore discount card and submitting to the power of a corrupt and intrusive central government.

Chertoff also told reporters that he could, “actually make that case that giving up a little bit more information protects privacy.”

So government intrusion is really privacy? Uh-huh, and war is peace, right?

Chertoff vowed to implement the government’s plan, called Secure Flight, to screen out potential terrorists by scrutinizing the backgrounds of passengers, and he strongly backed a program that pre-certifies people as having no terrorist ties or criminal warrants. “I would hope that eventually a large number of people find their way into a trusted or vetted traveler program that allows them to move much more readily in and out of the country and within the country,” he said.

Presumably, those people who are not government certified as “terrorist-free” will be treated as terrorists.

Those who do not pass the government’s “scrutinizing” background check won’t be allowed to fly. Since random searches, without probable cause, are already conducted at train stations across the country, it’s a safe bet that pre-certification will also be required to ride a train. Or a bus. Or any form of public transportation. Or to drive on public highways. Or on public streets. And if you can’t drive on a public street without pre-certification why would you be allowed to walk on the same street without pre-certification?

America, land of the free.


Here is a quote from the Voltaire Network conserning his relationship to the Zionist community and his efforts against David Duke.

First of all, he plays an important role in the Zionist faction of the American Jewish community. His father a Rabbi, he placed his two children in Jewish schools while his wife chaired the Anti-Defamation League in New Jersey. He keeps close links with the American Jewish Congress and has an openly participation in all their demonstrations. He does not hide the fact, that through his public functions, he is waging a personal combat against all those he considers as enemies of his community: against David Duke, Great Dragon of the Ku Flux Klan (sic), as well as against militants of the Palestinian cause related to the Islamic Jihad or with the Hamas movement.