Israel Has the Right to Murder at Will


Rachel Corrie

Israel Has the Right to Murder at Will

By Charles Coughlin
July 16, 2006

The Mid-East is teetering on the brink of a massive conflagration thanks to Israel’s recent acts of war against Palestine and Lebanon. In the face of this lawlessness by the Zionists, American politicians and some talk show hacks have been parroting the phrase “Israel has the right to defend herself.” Every single one of our despicable, spineless politicians, who has made excuses for Israel in the last few weeks, should be hauled before the world court and charged as accomplices in Israel’s latest round of wholesale murder.

Shortly after Israel began waging war on its neighbors over the kidnapping of three soldiers, the rest of the world tried to condemn this behavior as an unjustifiable massive overreaction. Only the United States voted to stop the UN resolution against Israel. Meanwhile, neocons and other politicians hopelessly subservient to the Israeli Lobby have ignored the facts and begun making excuses for Israel.


UN resolutions tend to be extremely significant measures. The US has gone to war using UN resolutions as justification. There have been 40 UN resolutions against Israel since 1972, which would have passed if not for the US casting the only blocking vote. Any other nation with 40 UN resolutions against it would be considered such a pariah state, that the rest of the world would have likely gone to war to eliminate that murderous bandit state.

No doubt the neocons will be inventing sham arguments to defend Israel’s actions as entirely justified. To expose the flaw in this logic a little recent history should be reviewed. When Israel mass murdered 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty in a deliberate attack in 1967, the United States did not go to war with the Zionist bandit state even though international law would recognize this as a clear provocation. The Liberty was an intelligence gathering ship, and the Israelis did not want them listening in on their war plans. Five out of six radio frequencies on the Liberty were jammed during the attack, strongly suggesting the Israelis had premeditated the attack and attempted to snuff out any calls for help. The Israelis only stopped the attack when a US aircraft carrier sent out fighter aircraft to defend the Liberty. (The despicable President Lyndon Johnson recalled the fighters before they could engage the Israeli attackers.) The Zionists may have planned to sink the Liberty with no survivors and then blame the attack on the Egyptians, hoping to draw America into their war with the Muslim world.

The US did not bomb or even condemn Israel when the Israelis deliberately murdered an American peace activist, Rachel Corrie, who was trying to prevent the homes of innocent Palestinians from being bulldozed. Several neocon talk show hacks in the US made fun of the murdered American woman while these same hacks consider the capture of an Israeli soldier a legitimate excuse for war.

One news article about the initial capture of an Israeli soldier reports “Hamas militants tunneled into Israel yesterday and attacked a military post, killing two soldiers and abducting a third. It was the first cross-border attack since Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip last summer and immediately prompted threats of tough retaliation. Two Palestinian fighters were killed in the operation, which was also claimed by the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees and the previously unheard of Islamic Army Group as revenge for the recent killings of militant leaders and civilians in Israeli army operations. The militants threw grenades and bombs into a tank, killing two of its four-man crew and capturing its gunner.” None of the mainstream American news agencies have bothered to mention that the Palestinians knocked out a tank to capture their prisoner.

Later reports stated that the militants were willing to trade their prisoner for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons. Israel could have recovered their soldier with no further losses by releasing some women and children, but they chose war. Israel destroyed three bridges and a power station in Gaza in direct defiance of the Geneva Convention which bans attacks on civilian infrastructure. There’s a strong possibility the Israeli government had been waiting for an excuse to punish Palestine for voting for Hamas. So Israel is waging war on a legitimate democracy for an election outcome!

As if losing a tank and a captured soldier wasn’t embarrassing enough, Hezbollah militants to the north of Israel captured two more Israeli soldiers. (The Israeli military is just not what it used to be.) Israel proceeded to wage war on Lebanon even bombing Beirut’s airport.

The massive escalation in violence in the Mid East is entirely the fault of Israel. Any attempt to excuse their behavior is whorish subservience to the Zionists. We need real Americans for political leaders, not puppets of Israel. If our government continues to defy the rest of the world by blocking UN resolutions against Israel, America could eventually find itself at war with the rest of the world for continuing to protect an evil, little bandit state.

Source: WhiteCivilRights.com

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