Charles Coughlin: "If you thought Bush was a traitor and sell out on immigration, Mike Huckabee is worse"

Mike Huckabee’s Disgraceful Record
Pro-Amnesty, Raised Taxes 65%, Pro-Neocon

By Charles Coughlin — EURO

The mainstream media is giving Mike Huckabee the sort of press that they normally give to flaming liberals. The usual collection of dubious pollsters have come out claiming that Huckabee is suddenly challenging Giuliani. Almost in unison, they are declaring Mike Huckabee “the alternative candidate.” Why would the liberal media suddenly become so friendly with a Christian preacher? Because Mike Huckabee is an even bigger liberal than Rudy Giuliani.

While governor of Arkansas, Huckabee rose taxes a staggering 65 percent. The fiscally conservative Cato Institute gave Mike Huckabee an “F” grade for his economic policies. If you thought Bush was a big spender, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Huckabee really shouldn’t even call himself a “Republican.” If anyone is a “RINO” (Republican in name only), Mike Huckabee is perhaps the biggest glaring example. The ultra-liberals and big-spenders should be kept in the Democrat Party. Too many closet liberals have infiltrated the GOP, and the likes of Mike Huckabee should not be tolerated, let alone become the presidential nominee based on a phony media image.

While Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee released from prison, a convicted rapist, Wayne Dumond. Huckabee thought that Bill Clinton had been too “harsh” on this criminal. After being released from prison by Huckabee, Wayne Dumond raped and murdered a woman in Missouri.

The most disgraceful thing about Huckabee (aside from causing an innocent woman’s death) is his insane quest to make legal citizens out of every illegal alien in America today. If you thought Bush was a traitor and sell out on immigration, Mike Huckabee is worse. Huckabee has repeatedly voiced his support for illegal aliens. One source reports “Huckabee vehemently opposed a 2005 bill sponsored by Arkansas State Senator Jim Holt which would deny state benefits to illegal immigrants, calling it ‘un-Christian.’ ” A similar bill in California, Proposition 187, passed by a landslide vote. Mike Huckabee is to the left of most Americans, even liberal Californian voters.

At a meeting of LULAC (the League of United Latin American Citizens), Huckabee gleefully predicted “Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority” as the crowd roared in laughter.

Huckabee doesn’t consider it “un-Christian” for millions of foreign invaders to break our immigration laws and shove their children into our public schools at great expense to us taxpayers and an even worse cost to our children. Illegals swarm into emergency rooms for any and all medical problems, and this cost winds up in our state and local taxes. Huckabee doesn’t care if the public schools have standing room only. Huckabee doesn’t care if American parents are told that their local public school is “full” and that their children can’t go there. Huckabee doesn’t care if millions of poor illegal aliens from Central America burn up so much federal money (in food stamps and other services) that Medicare and Social Security go broke.

It’s only “un-Christian” in the mind of Mike Huckabee, if we Americans insist that our immigration laws be enforced and that Mexico’s poor aren’t dumped onto our infra-structure at a high cost to us in both taxes and quality of life.

Mike Huckabee is possibly the worst Open Borders lunatic to run for president since George W. Bush. If you don’t want to be biting your nails for another four years wondering if a crazy Republican president is going to give citizenship to 20 million illegals, then you DO NOT want Huckabee to be the Republican candidate.

Mike Huckabee is yet another crook from Hope, Arkansas. One biography notes “In November 2006, both Huckabee and his wife drew criticism for creating wedding registries in the amount of over $6000 at both the Target and Dillard’s web sites, in conjunction with a housewarming party to celebrate a new house they had purchased in Little Rock. The Arkansas Times, which first reported the story, noted that wedding gifts represent one of the exceptions to a $100 cap on gifts to political leaders under Arkansas law.”

So Huckabee changed a house-warming to a wedding celebration so he could get bigger gifts, never mind the fact that he got married 22 years earlier. In my book, you should only be able to get wedding gifts, the same year you got married, otherwise you’re pulling a scam.

If you want a president, who will actually do something about the illegal alien problem, there is only one viable candidate: Ron Paul. Congressman Paul wants immigration laws to be enforced. Paul is 100 percent against Amnesty, and Ron Paul wants to eliminate the “Anchor Baby” loophole so that the millions of illegals in the US today don’t bypass our immigration system by simply giving birth to a new generation, which we can do nothing about.

December 6th, 2007

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