Cantlie Abduction Reveals Depth of ZioBama Treason in Syria

By Staff –The appearance of British journalist John Cantlie in a new ISIS propaganda video released on the Internet yesterday has provided conclusive proof of the ZioBama treason against America—showing definitively that American “aid” to “Syrian rebels” has unquestionably been going to the most extreme and radical Muslim factions all along.


Dr. David Duke has been the lone voice in American politics warning that the Obama administration’s decision to supply arms, logistics and money to the “Syrian rebels” has been nothing short of outright treason, dictated by the Jewish Supremacist lobby only, whose only aim is the overthrow of the Syrian government at any cost.

The Jewish lobby, which controls Congress and US foreign policy, has long since been aiming to overthrow the Syrian government of Basheer Assad—only because the latter opposes the Zionist Supremacist state of Israel and its human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

This was the exact same logic used by the same Jewish lobby when they caused the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein: ‘never mind the consequences to America or world peace, and never mind who takes over, just as long as any nation which opposes Zionist Supremacism is destroyed.’

When Ziobama “justified” giving aid to the so-called “Syrian rebels,” his cry—and that of the Zio-slave Congress—was that this aid would only go to “good moderate rebels” and not to the extremists.

According to the Washington Post, the CIA, acting upon Ziobama and Congress’s orders, began delivering weapons and vehicles to “rebels in Syria” in September 2013—one year ago exactly.

The shipments included what the Washington Post described as “nonlethal gear” to rebels which included “vehicles, sophisticated communications equipment and advanced combat medical kits.”

The appearance of the Cantlie video has however brought all the timing of this aid supply process into sharp focus. Consider the following:

  1. Cantlie was captured by “Syrian rebels” inside Syria in 2012.
  2. In 2013, the US Government started supplying “Syrian rebels” with arms and vehicles—and new pickup trucks for transporting weapons and soldiers.
  3. In early 2014, ISIS, (now just called Islamic State, or IS) suddenly emerged as a major military force, seizing northern Iraq and one third of Syria.
  4. ISIS’s most visible military force consisted of armaments mounted on the back of…new pickup trucks.
  5. With these vehciles, ISIS was able to seize large pieces of territory, and consolidate their grip. Where could they have got these vehicles except from the US?
  6. Now, in September 2014, the journalist John Cantlie—abducted, it will be recalled, in 2012 by “Syrian Rebels” has now suddenly re-emerged—as a hostage of the murderous ISIS.
ISIS advances into Iraq--using their bright shiny new Toyota pickup trucks . . . supplied by who?
ISIS advances into Iraq–using their bright shiny new Toyota pickup trucks . . . supplied by who?

All of this evidence, added together, conclusively demonstrates that Ziobama and the Jewish lobby have been supplying “rebels” who are in fact the very worst enemies of America, of Christians in Syria and Iraq—and also of moderate Muslims in those countries.

The Zio-plan could not be clearer: As some of their numbers have already admitted, the plan in Syria is to provoke chaos and bloodletting, because as long as that is happening, Israel is safe.

Never mind that American blood is shed. Never mind that American money is spent. Never mind that Americans will now be called upon to risk their lives in this conflict once again.

As long as the interests of Israel and Jewish lobby are served, the Zio-fanatics argue, it will all be worth it.