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Eating and Exercising as Our Bodies Are Designed

Recently, I had the great pleasure of interviewing a researcher and thinker who I believe has synthesized much of the latest scientific information on diet and exercise: Dr. Doug McGuff. I urge you to listen to this fascinating interview which is available on my radio program archives. I believe this material is so valuable that I devote almost two entire programs to this subject. I also would suggest that you read his book, Body by Science, and I  want all my friends to know that I follow a similar diet and exercise regimen that Dr. McGuff recommends.

Here is the link for the Dr. David Duke Radio Show Archive. Go to the archived shows for February 23 and 24, 2012

Note: My radio programs interview a wide range of experts in many areas of life, politics, finance, health, science, and the fact that I interview them obviously does not mean I necessarily agree with every position they may represent, and certainly does not necessarily mean the individual agrees with every position that I hold. I endeavor to engage the personalities I interview in a low key, almost anonymous manner, so as not to affect the interview by issues extraneous to the subject at hand.

I don’t want my other viewpoints to influence the candid response of the person that I interview on the subjects at hand. There is such an intellectual suppression going today, that the new inquisitors against free speech want to make some subjects and some personalities off limits. I will interview and engage in discussion with anyone in regard to any subject I find valuable to the well-being of my own nation and people and indeed all nations and peoples around the world.