David Duke Speaks: BBC Caught in Zionist Propaganda Lie on Syria

By Dr. David Duke. The Zionist-dominated, globalist media is pulling out the stops to create a war in Syria, just as they did in Libya and Iraq. Today, I will show why they want this war and I will expose a huge lie by the BBC.

Here’s the original BBC News Report from May 27, 2012 on the Houla massacre in Syria. It shows a tragic photo of hundreds of murdered little children.

The picture is a lie.

Here is what Italian photographer, Marco Di Lauro, who took the photo, had to say

Somebody is using illegally one of my images for anti Syrian propaganda on the BBC web site front page on Sunday May 27.

He points out that the image the BBC showed is actually a picture of a much bigger massacre at the Al Mussayyib Mosque in Iraq on March 27, 2003

Ironically, the Iraq massacre shown in that picture occurred in part because of the BBC and the rest of the Zionist controlled media lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The only weapons of mass destruction were the ones rained down on the innocent people of Iraq who actually had none. And this war based on lies unleashed a horrific civil war just as they now seek in Syria.

In actual fact, the massacre at Houla happened because the Zionist controlled powers have been arming, funding, fomenting and escalating the conflict and they have promoted different religious and ethnic groups in other Middle East to support their own particular factions in Syria.

If full-fledged war occurs, the terrible civilian deaths so far on all sides so far will seem like pinprick compared to having your head cut off.

Whoever did the massacre at Houla, you can be sure that such a massacre was the last thing that Assad, a western educated medical doctor would want, because he knows that the puppets of Israel would use such a massacre as an excuse to rain weapons of mass destruction down on Syria just as they did in Iraq.

Now, the Zionists want to plunge their Syrian enemy into the same horror as Iraq.  What better a way to devastate the nation that has stood so strongly against them, a nation that supported Hizbollah, the forces in Lebanon that defeated the Zionist invading armies there, and the nation that is an ally to their most hated enemy of all, Iran.

The radical Zionist, Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu recently demanded a Nato military invasion in Syria in the name of human rights.

Can you imagine?  Netanyahu and his evil Ziomonsters who have terrorized and ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people, who have murdered, maimed and tortured tens of thousands of Palestinians, tens of thousands of Lebanese Christians and Muslims. These are the hypocrites who dare to speak about Human Rights.  In Gaza they recently murdered 1200 people, half of them women and children, and thousands more were wounded and maimed by horrific weapons of mass destruction such as white phosphorus.

Western Zionist servants are calling for another insane war that will end up killing or harming millions of people, and will harm hundreds of millions more lives devastated by a plunging world economy.

And of course, in a war on Syria, as in Iraq, they don’t want the sons of Israel to die. They want your son in London, or your son in Paris or your son in Kansas City to be the one to die in this war. And they don’t want to spend a penny of their vast, stolen riches of their Zionist cohorts at Golden Sachs, or at the Federal Reserve or the World Bank, they want to spend your hard earned tax money, to finance this planned carnage for Israel.

I know that the Arab world is fractured by division, ethnic and religious. I know that there are real and heartfelt, legitimate grievances against Assad. But don’t create in Syria what Israel did in Lebanon, stoking the fires between Muslim and Christian, Shiite and Sunni. The Israeli Moshe Sharrett boasted on sponsoring that civil war.

Please see, that most wars, cost far more innocent lives than what they save.

For the sake of your children, Muslim and Christian, Shiite and Sunni, de-escalate this conflict. Find ways to fight for your interests with shedding any more blood or giving the other side the justification to shed any more blood.

Just remember, if Syria descends into civil war it would essentially destroy Israel’s oldest, longest-standing enemy. It will wipe out scores of Sunni, scores of Shiites, and scores of Christians. A civil war would truly be against the interests of all people an ultimately only in the service of the Zionists.

As finally, a word to my own Christian brothers and sisters in the United States and Europe. I have been to Syria. I know many real Christian and Muslim families who live there. I have met with both the Muslim Grand Mufti, and the Christian Patriarch of Syria.  There is nothing more sick and stupid supporting the murder and theft against your fellow Palestinian Christians and Lebanese Christians, and now this, insane, murderous planned war on Syria. Every Christian family in Syria says prayers and asks God to prevent this war that some of you advocate.

If you can’t be Christian enough to have love and concern for Muslim children and families, and I say shame on you if you can’t, can you at least have concern for your fellow believers in Christ in Syria who face absolute horror, just as the Christian community faced in Iraq by this insane, Zionist War.

There are legitimate grievances in all the sides of this conflict, yes, I understand that. I have academic friends and associates on both sides of this escalating madness. But I beseech all the factions in the Mideast not to allow themselves to be herded into supporting a bloody, horrific internecine, civil war. Like almost all wars, far more human lives will be lost and will be harmed than you seek to protect. De-escalate and find peaceful ways to seek your agenda.

The only victor of a bloody war in Syria is Israel and the Zionist cause. All those millions of families that lose their lives or homes or suffer in these wars are the real losers, no matter which side prevails, everyone loses.

Even in regard to the evils of Zionist Israel, I oppose any murder or harm against any child, any family, any person. But, no longer can the world tolerate the horrific crimes of Israel. Israel should be treated as the evil pariah it truly is. The world must demand inspections a removal of its atomic and other horrific weapons of mass destruction.

We must demand that not a penny flows to Israel. Israel should get exactly what it demands against Iran, sanctions and isolation. Even more importantly, on the world stage, the Zionist States within every Western state, their tyranny of media and government bribery and influence, they must be ripped from nations. Their subversion, control and human degradation in the media must be ended. Finally, the Zionist Globalist tyrants of International finance must be prosecuted for the most massive criminal theft and fraud in the history of mankind. And every people must once again control their own currency, and have true freedom and independence from globalist tyranny.

As long as we fight among ourselves, we will never be free from the ultimate tyranny. Stop this insanity in Syria. Save your children. Save your people. Save the planet.

As for the American and European people: Wake up and stop supporting these Zionist wars.