Dr Duke and Mark Collett on the our Martyred Hero Ashli Babbitt & the Historic Meaning of the Events of Jan. 6!
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Dr Duke and Mark Collett on the our Martyred Hero Ashli Babbitt & the Historic Meaning of the Events of Jan. 6!

Today on David Duke Human Rights Radio Show, Dr. Duke with Special Guest Mark Collett of UK to Discuss the the Start of a New American Revolution!

The demonstrators were rightfully angry at the blatant stealing and rigging of an American election, the takeover of our country by the Zionist elite billionaires who are destroying our freedoms and endangering our very existence of ourselves and our children.

Don’t forget! If the Jewish-dominated power structure get away with stealing this election, we will surrender our freedom and everything that is important to us and have our Republic terminated.

Remember this name: Ashli Babbitt.

Honor her.

She is a martyr for America, Freedom, and the long-suffering American people who are being ethnically cleansed in our nation by a criminal, corrupt government and establishment media.

Mrs. Babbitt was 14 year Airforce Veteran, and a patriot who was killed by government security agents who recklessly and wantonly fired through a closed door at unarmed protestors.

If the unarmed Mrs. Babbitt had been Black and was shot killed simply participating any of the many BLM and Antifa protests occupying’s government offices and buildings (as occurred over the last few years), the controlled media would deem here a martyr and a hero.

Truth is, what happened to Babbitt was far worse than the death of Floyd who died of a self-inflicted massive overdose of fentanyl and other drugs.  You will not see the video of Ashli Babbitt showing this courageous woman shot through the neck and bleeding through her mouth, shot by government security agents for simply protesting election fraud.

If she would have been black and protesting in the capitol she would be honored and hailed as a hero pictured at the top of the news all over the world. In  a word it shows the media and tyranny we live under. Millions of people would have made to watch the heart-wrenching video of her death just as they were made to watch the deceptive video of Floyd.

As everyone who is familiar with my writings, videos, radio shows I  relentlessly oppose political violence. But the occupying of the Capitol on January 6, was Non-Violent Civil Disobedience, the same actions hailed by the ZioMedia hailed in the Civil Rights Movement, and even supported in hundreds of extremely violent BLM and Antifa riots.

In fact, unarmed and truly, mostly peaceful patriots simply occupied the Capitol in protest of the stealing of the election and destruction of any real democracy in America.

It was not an insurrection, it was a protest to all attention to destruction of real democracy in America. Obviously, it was no attempt to go into the capitol and declare and form a new government. It was a protest that the laws and original principles of the Government of the United States has become a fake democracy just as Mainstream Media has become fake news!

The protestors weren’t there to “defile democracy” they were there to defend the America our own forefathers established and to expose the fact that on the highest level there is no real democracy in America.

They were there to protest the massive violations of election laws that guarantee a truly legitimate election. Election laws mandate that citizens representing both sides have the right to closely monitor and  validate legal voting credentials, their identification, and in turn validate the counting of votes to protect against fraud. All these rights were massively violated in this election in democratic controlled counties and cities.

Demanding fair and free elections is not an attack on democracy but is a defense it. How can government tyrants call this a democracy if there is no integrity in the election process!

Furthermore, the whole system of American politics is now a rigged, unfair process, no longer a democratically based system based one man, one vote. If Billionaires, primarily criminal Bankers, can spend millions of dollars, even hundred of millions of dollars in campaign donations and spending, there cannot be fair elections. And that is the nature of “democracy” in America, it is no longer a democracy in a real sense, but an oligarchy.

In 2016 Clinton, of the 20 largest contributions to her campaign, 18 (90%) from Zionist Jewish Billionaires who a tiny fraction of the American population. Another mainstream financial publication (Investopedia) shows the top ten megadonors to Clinton, and all ten of those, 100 percent were Jewish.


The same time is true of the Biden Campaign and the Anti-Trump crusade of the last four years. Jewish bankers such as Soros, Bloomberg, Styer and other Jewish billionaires spent billions of dollars in attack ads against Trump and in support of the Democrat Candidates.

It is in fact it is not a oligarchy of billionaires anymore, but now its an oligarchy of a specific breed of billionaires, Zionist billionaires that can only truly be labeled a Ziogarchy. And the billionaires also control the mass media and Internet outlets are also part of a very wealthy and organized tribe that pursues as Jewish agenda, and Israel First agenda.

In any real political democracy, a fair and unbiased broadcast and entertainment media is essential. If the great mass of broadcasting is nothing more than years long vile campaign attack ads against one side, disguised as news and entertainment, there cannot be a fair election.

Direct campaign money is used mostly for advertising and that ( as shown) is also controlled by Zionists. But, the astounding thing is that they also control the mass entertainment, news media and Internet Social Media such as the NY Times, and broadcast media such as ABC CBS and NBC as well as social media. It is shockingly owned and controlled by Jewish partisan Zionists.

When mass media time is created and used to promote or attack any candidate it is making an in-kind political contribution against him. If Donald Trump is viciously portrayed by Jewish scriptwriters on Saturday night-live every week for four years, it is unfair and vile election interference. Why should unelected behind the scenes have the right to viciously, lie and defame a person simply because they are rich and powerful? And the person is not allowed to even defend themselves! There used to be “equal time provisions in broadcasting but the Jewish influencers got rid of those provisions of law.

Biasedly helping or attacking a candidate on national news or even entertainment late night shows, is worth millions of dollars, actually billions over the last four years. And in fact most of is not even attempting to promote a candidate but the most hateful defamations of the candidates or personalities they despise, such as Trump, or for that me, David Duke when I was in office. How does Trump or I compete against such power when we don’t even get to tell our side to the people poisoned by lies.

In the last four yours these biased entertainment and news media vile attacks on Trump were the equivalent of billions of dollars in in-kind campaign donations and grossly unfair. Yet, this never discussed by mainstream media!

And, it is just as bad in Social Media, the modern kind of “telephone” of communication between billions of people, family, friends, colleagues and the public.

It is the main communication medium of people today, kind of like a super telephone where people can speak to all their friends, family and colleagues, even at the same moment, and also share with them photos, videos, messages, documents, and opinions. Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter have billions of users. All these organs comply with directives of the ADL Jewish Ant-Defamation League and the SPLC Jewish led and financed Southern Poverty Law Center, to censor anyone who dares to say a word about the real tribal racism and privilege prevalent in media and politics. They even brag about this censorship from these Jewish pressure groups. And the organizations they are pressuring, they are also thoroughly Jewish Partisan.

Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, Google is owned by Sergei Brin and Larry Page, which also own YouTube that Jewish Zionist Wojcicki runs. Twitter’s CFO Chief Financial is Ned Segal and a large stockholder is never Trumper Paul Singer who also was the financier of the fake Steel Dossier against Trump.

Everyone of the major social mentioned is a publicly dedicated Zionist who supports Jewish organizations and Israeli organizations with vast millions of dollars. But their contribution is controlling information so that Jewish and Israeli interests are protected, and the opponents of the Jewish agenda is censored.

They literally have a massive effect over the minds and opinions of billions of people.

There has never been a greater threat to human freedom, free human thought and inquiry, true scientific, religious, political and academic dissent than a world where a handful of men can control what millions are allowed to read, see or hear and not hear or read those who are forbidden by the ultimate rulers over the minds of humanity.

Ashli Babbitt died because she is on the side of freedom.

I said “she is” because her spirit is still with us and inspire us in the struggle for our freedom and even the very existence of our people in the years ahead.

David Duke