As Expected, Israeli Election Results Mean No Change for Palestinian Status

israel-election-campaign-posterThe outcome of the Israeli elections mean no change in the status of treatment of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Supremacist state, a leading Jewish commentator has pointed out.

Writing in The Nation newspaper, Max Blumenthal, award-winning journalist and bestselling author of Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party, the Jewish Supremacist Blumenthal confirmed what Dr. David Duke and others have been saying all along: that in reality there is no difference between “left” and “right” political parties in Israel, merely a slight difference in the expression of Jewish tribalism.

“The story of the Israeli elections is not, as was expected, the dominance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud-Beiteinu coalition with former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman,” Blumenthal wrote.

“Instead, it is the unlikely triumph of Yair Lapid, a media celebrity who managed to secure nineteen seats in the next Knesset, making his newly formed Yesh Atid, or There Is a Future, the second-largest party in Israel.

“In the coming days, Lapid will play a pivotal role in the formation of the next governing coalition, and he is certain to receive a ministerial role in any future administration.

“But what do they mean for the status quo of the Israeli occupation and the slow-motion dispossession of the Palestinians?

“Lapid has been cast in mainstream US media accounts as a “centrist,” a label that carries moderate connotations.

“According to the Washington Post, his success could “signal more flexibility in peace negotiations with the Palestinians.”

“As a potential coalition partner, the vapid broadcast personality seems like a perfect tool for Netanyahu; he is far more refined than Lieberman, who has consistently verged on bellicose incitement, but has no clear ideological core.

“What’s more, Lapid has offered scant evidence that he views the Palestinian issue any differently than Netanyahu does.

“When he unveiled his foreign policy platform last year, Lapid chose to do so at a university inside the illegal mega-settlement of Ariel.

“Israel “must at last get rid of the Palestinians and put a fence between us,” he declared, explaining that he chose to launch his campaign at the settlement because “there is no map on which Ariel isn’t a part of the state of Israel.”

“Like Netanyahu, he says he strongly opposes the division of Jerusalem, an implicit rejection of the international consensus for a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“The Labor Party, which won fifteen seats and is generally labeled center-left, also supports annexing the major settlement blocs.”

In other words, according to the Blumenthal article, on the real issues, there is no difference at all, and the Jewish Supremacists are in complete agreement on the need for Jewish tribal supremacy over all other nations on earth, as they believe is ordained by their God.