Arrogant Zionist Supremacists Increase Illegal Settlement Building

Despite claiming to be “peace-loving and democratic” to their puppets in the Zionist-occupied Western nations, the Jewish Supremacists have once again revealed their true intentions with a dramatically stepped-up building program in Arab land in the West Bank, a new report has revealed.

An article in the Israeli news service Y-Net has reported that Israel has stepped up the illegal settlement building plans in the face of international defeats at the United Nations recently.

According to the report, the “past few weeks have seen the government step up plans to build thousands of housing units in controversial areas beyond the Green Line.

“Some of the plans were advanced following the Palestinian Authority’s UN status upgrade after having being frozen for months and even years.”

Plans for Jerusalem include the construction of 6,000 housing units and hotel rooms. The article goes on to list where the construction is to take place, all in Arab territory.

These plans are all part of the Zionist Supremacist plan to seize as much land as possible for the racist Jews-only state, and to force the Palestinians out even further.

The Zionist Supremacists know they can get away with these outrageous plans because their puppets in the governments of America and other western nations will turn a blind eye to the Jewish Supremacist plans.

The treatment meted out to the Palestinians, as tragic as it is, is only one side of the coin: the reality is that the Jewish Supremacists have also launched an equally vicious campaign to destroy all European nations as well.

They are truly a threat to the peace and well-being of all people of the earth, and the sooner that the world rises up against this evil force, the sooner peace and harmony will be restored to our planet.