Arkansas Gazette Attacks David Duke

A Daytime Story: Don’t try reading this at night

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | January 29, 2005 | Editorial by Paul Greenberg (left)

Commentary by David DukeI am never afraid to run articles critical of me. After all, I think it just reveals how weak my opponents are. They must twist and distort my message to make any effective attack on me. They can’t just state what I am actually for and against and what I myself say. No. they have to create an entirely different David Duke and then sell that to the people as the real me.

In Louisiana it didn’t work. After numerous debates, and an ample opportunity to judge me by thousands of speeches, millions of written words and a clear record in the House of Representatives in Louisiana, over 60 percent of European Americans statewide voted for me.

The way they were able to defeat me was by economic blackmail of the people of Louisiana. They basically said, “You may like David Duke and his policies but if you dare to vote for him we are going to hurt you and your family economically.”

Funny, Mr. Greenberg has nothing to say about that very un-American activity. Imagine if White businessmen and media leaders were threatening voters for an African American candidate by saying that we will smash your economy and hurt your families. Heck, you would never have heard the end of it! And I bet somewhere along the line Federal charges would have been levied for “voter intimidation.”

Mr. Greenberg, like thousands of Jewish supremacists, doesn’t care a whit about freedom, he only cares about the Jewish supremacist agenda. Increased non-European immigration has long been at the top of most of the Jewish national organizations’ wish list. He may work for the Arkansas Gazette but he may as well be working for the Jerusalem Post. Jewish supremacists such as Greenberg have insinuated themselves into tens of thousands of opinion-molding positions such as writing editorials for the Arkansas Gazette and other media outlets where they corrupt public opinion toward Israel’s and the Jewish supremacists’ agenda.

Not only does Greenberg sneer at me in this vicious piece, he sneers at the landslide of European Americans who voted for me.

He finally announces that I have done irreparable harm to Louisiana, as if I am responsible for one of the highest crime rates, welfare rates, illegitimacy rates and tax rates in America! I offered some real answers to those problems, and the people of my state responded positively and still do! And let me tell you something Mr. Greenberg, the people of Arkansas, if they had the chance, would have responded the same way.

The man who the Jewish supremacists supported for Governor ultimately, through legendary corruption, sold everything that wasn’t nailed down in my State. And these aliens knew about this corruption beforehand. They didn’t care. In fact their slogan was, “Vote for the Crook, it’s important!” They got their wish. They would rather have a crook than anyone who would dare to stand up for European Americans. They would rather have any politician who is in tow to Jewish supremacists and Black racists.

Also, I notice that Mr. Greenberg has a real problem with my “looks.” I am just an average English and Scottish derivative, but I can imagine why he is so insanely resentful. You would understand why if you had ever seen a confab of Jewish supremacists or Jewish feminists, more ugliness per square inch than any other spot on the planet earth. Thank God guys like Greenberg don’t like me. I must be doing something right!

Here’s the original article for your inspection: judge for yourself the truth or untruth of what he says, and ask yourself about his motives — David Duke

A Daytime Story: Don’t try reading this at night
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | January 29, 2005 | Editorial by Paul Greenberg

He was well-built, blond, and nice looking. You know, he kept in shape. Oh, heck. Let’s face it: He was downright handsome. The women at his campaign events called him gorgeous. The menfolk just admired and envied him.

He was a born-again Christian, and made a point of saying it early and often. Too often, it seemed. Like he was trying to explain away the obvious contrast between Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and the dark forces he was stirring: Hey, I’m not a hater. I’m a Christian. I’m a good man. I’m just telling you the truth, and how can I help it if the papers don’t understand? They’re too liberal, anyway. You know I’ll always tell you the truth. Even if it hurts or offends. I can take the heat. But I’ll still always tell you the God’s honest truth. You can trust me.

His just-finished bid for the U.S. Senate was closer than anybody’d expected. Heck, he was supposed to get trounced! Not only did he not, he had such a respectable showing that his political stock soared. He was eying the Governor’s Mansion.

The media were against him, he’d tell you in a heartbeat, but the people “The People!” were for him. Like him, the people had common sense. Like him, they knew that all this illegal immigration was hurting their state. They could see it happening all around them. They were out there working and sweating, but those eggheads in their Ivory Towers, what did they know?

To him, Immigration was a kind of 11-letter four-letter word. And he knew how to fling it around. Like a bull whip.

From his legislative perch in the statehouse, he Told It Like It Was. Or, at least, like it would be if They took over. You know who They were. People with darker skin. Dirty, shifty-eyed people from another place, and another race. And They were lazy, and They were just here to eat up as much tax money as possible so the rest of Us were left without. And the newspapers apparently wanted it that way, ya know, because why else would they write all these editorials denouncing his efforts to solve the problem? Heck, every time this good ol’ Christian boy opened his mouth, one of Them Lyin’ Newspapers would chime in, using that snotty way of theirs to belittle his legislation, or twist the truth, or make it out to be something different from the fine, upstanding thing it was.

He was in the same party as the Governor, but the Governor shied away from him, too. Our handsome young man was just so controversial. The governor, a controversial Republican himself, didn’t like to get too close. But, hey, the governor wouldn’t be governor forever, right? (In fact, it would be the governor’s last term.)

The people, you see “ The People!” would always be there for our handsome, Christian man.

After all, wasn’t he just trying to give the people what they really wanted? That is, the people didn’t want the state to keep feeding Them, day after day, and giving Them shelter, night after night. The people could see how the whole state was being taken over, and they weren’t going to put up with it, not any more. And here was this shining white knight who was going to lead them.

The year was 1990. The man’s name was David Duke. And Louisiana still hasn’t got over all the damage he did.