Human Diversity

Are you a racist?

David Duke answers an email about whether he is a racist

Do you think of yourself as a racist?

A fellow and I are having a philosophical debate about perceptions.

Not casting aspersions, just curious.

—From Conan

Do I think of myself as a racist? Absolutely not. It is because the connotation of the word means racial hatred or endorsing racial supremacy, neither of which is my view.

I am however a racial realist. I understand that there are intrinsic differences between peoples and that those differences have profound effects on society. I also believe all people have a basic human right to preserve their own heritage.

I also want to preserve my own people, but that does not make me a supremacist or a “hater” or a racist, otherwise you can accuse every leader of movements for particular ethnic groups of “racism”. But, of course, the media does not do that.

Racist is used today similarly to the way witch was in the middle ages. It can be levied at any person of any view and sheds no light on any subject. In fact, the word is so pejorative it actually produces the very thing it is used to decry: hate.

You would be shocked at the extremely hateful, vitriolic, obscene violent, gross attacks on me for my quote, “hatred” and “racism.”

After all, I am the person the media loves to hate!

Hope that offers some perspective to your discussion.

All the Best!
David Duke