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Anti-European Media Bias on Display as Black Gang beats White Newlywed to Death in St. Louis

The overt anti-European bias of the Jewish Supremacist-dominated media is fully on display once again with the reporting over the latest black-on-white racist murder attack in St. Louis—where the incident is mostly being suppressed by the major news organizations and where it is mentioned, it is being presented as an “ordinary” crime and not the obviously racially-motivated crime that it is.


The whole world knows the names of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, the two people involved in the altercation which sparked off months of protests, violence and looting in St. Louis and other cities across America.

In that altercation between Brown and the white policeman, the evidence is overwhelming that Wilson was forced to use his firearm to save his life after being attacked by Brown. Even a grand jury, which is the only group of people which has had access to all the evidence, and which had three blacks on it, found unanimously that Wilson was justified and that there would be no charges.

As this website reported earlier, the media propagated the myth that Brown was an innocent “black teen” who was maliciously gunned down by a “racist” white policeman.

The prosecutor before the grand jury, Robert McCulloch, specifically criticized the media as driving the case in the first place, blaming the “insatiable appetite” of social media and “non-stop rumors” driven by it.

In the latest incident, newlywed and recent immigrant from Bosnia, Zemir Begic, 32, was surrounded by a group of blacks and Hispanics while in his car.

The gang, wielding hammers, struck his car before Begic stepped out and was beaten severely, suffering grievous wounds to his head, abdomen and face. He was rushed to St. Louis University Hospital, where he later died. His wife declared afterwards that he was a “hero” because he had stepped inbetween the attackers and her, effectively saving her life.

St. Louis police detained three suspects aged 15, 16 and 17—two of them black and one Hispanic for the attack.

Given the backdrop of months of incitement by the media against Europeans following the Brown incident, and the ongoing violence and protests over that altercation, the attack on Begic is clearly racially motivated—it is an obvious case of anti-white, anti-European racism, and a racial murder the likes of which are becoming increasingly common.

It is precisely these sorts of crimes, based on racial hatred or violence, that we here at have always spoken out against. There is no justification whatsoever for any attack of this nature, no matter who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

The disparity in media coverage—and the nature of the coverage—is however so different between the two cases that the media’s anti-European bias is now blatantly obvious.

For example, arch-Zio propagandist Jeff Zucker’s CNN has gone out of its way to barely cover the case, and when it is has, it has gone equally out of its way to deny that race played any part in the attack.

Compare this to CNN’s coverage of the Brown incident. In that case, there is not a shred of evidence to indicate that there was any racial motivation at all. There is no evidence that Darren Wilson had any racial bias. He had an absolutely perfect record with no disciplinary complaints at all.



The evidence instead shows that Michael Brown was a clear suspect in a case of a violent robbery minutes before. We know that the gun was discharged in the car and that the officer had injuries.

Despite this, Zucker’s CNN and all the other major networks went out of their way to present the Brown-Wilson altercation as a “racial incident”—and incited the black community as much as possible to protest this imagined “injustice.”

google news coverage no mention of white murder in St. Louiswe4bNow that the protestors, filled with media-fuelled hate against white people, have sought out and viciously murdered a random, innocent white man in his car, this same media goes out of its way to deny that race had anything to do with it.

The bias is obvious and clear: the Zio-media seizes any opportunity it can to incite hatred against European-Americans, even to the point of lying about the essential facts.

And when a European is murdered in a blatantly racially-motivated attack, such has now happened in the Begic case in St. Louis, this same Zio-media will do everything in its power to deny any racial motivation.

Fortunately for all fair-minded people—and unfortunately for the Zio-media manipulators—the advent of the internet has broken their stranglehold on the dissemination of news and information.