Jewish Writers Admit: “50 Percent of Religious Jews are Atheists”

Listen to Dr. Duke and Dr. Ed Fields discuss the Hidden Truths of Judaism on the March 2nd edition of the David Duke Radio Show (Radio Link to the right), and listen to this special podcast recorded by David Duke on this important subject. It is impossible to understand Zionism without understanding Judaism!

In an article called Judaism without God, syndicated across America and can be found in USA Today, Jews admit that even within Judaism itself, atheism is accepted and respected and that 50 percent of “religious Jews” don’t believe in God. The same article in my Jewish-Newhouse-owned Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans today is titled Athiest and Jewish? For many, it’s fine.

So 50 percent of religious Jews don’t believe in God, and the 50 percent of Jews in Judaism who do believe in God, don’t mind that half of their fellow Jews in the synagogue don’t believe in God, the only thing important to them is that they fellow members of their tribe! Belief in God is secondary to them compared to Jewish tribalism.

I link this amazing article on USA Today here where you can read it for online. Listen to my Podcast where I go into detail about how this article reveals many things, that about 99 percent of Gentiles don’t know

The article highlights the fact that many outspoken atheists are active, even leaders, in synagogues. It shows that Judaism does not demand belief in God, only adherence to Jewish laws. It shows how one-half of all “religious” Jews don’t believe in God. And, it shows that these atheist Jews take part in Judaism not because of any belief in God, but as a connection to the Jewish people, one of blood rather than religious faith in God. Here are some  quotes from the article:

“Atheism and Judaism are not contradictory, so to have an atheist in a Jewish congregation isn’t an issue or a challenge or a problem,…Unlike other religions, Judaism has often embraced its atheist strain.”

“Atheism is entrenched in American Judaism. In researching their book American Grace, authors Robert Putnam and David Campbell found that half  [Approximately 50 Percent] of all American Jews doubt God’s existence.”

“They go because they want some kind of ethnic identity,” Magid said. “They don’t care about the prayers. It allows them to feel a sense of Jewishness, but has little to do with religion…”

That’s what prompted Jennifer Cohen Oko, a Washington, D.C.-based writer, to join a Reform synagogue, her first. Neither Cohen nor her husband believe in God, but, like many Jews, they joined for their two children.

“I want my kids to understand they are Jewish, to be proud of being Jewish and to understand their heritage,” Cohen said…

Could you imagine anyone leading activities and functions in the Catholic church who outspokenly says he is an atheist? On any one with recognition in the Muslim faith saying he doesn’t believe in Allah (God)? Judaism is far outside of any understanding of religion as most people comprehend it.

In my Podcast I speak of the fact that surveys in Israel show that over 70 percent of the Jews in Israel don’t believe in God yet they tolerate Israel being a Jewish state not only as an ethnic entity but a religious entity. They tolerate the religion because they view it as an apparatus to maintain their Jewishness and solidarity as a people, as an instrument of power for the interests of the Jewish people. In truth, Judaism itself is actually a racial supremacist doctrine that essentially worships Jews as God and views the rest of humanity less than human! The title of a paper by a influential Jewish Professor at a leading university in Israel says it all: “Only Jews are Men!” The Daat Emet website in Israel exposes all of this!

The book of Jewish law, The Talmud, says it succinctly: ” If a Gentile hits a Jew he must be killed. When one hits a Jew, it is the same as hitting God.” As my book, Jewish Supremacism, show, Judaism is far more a doctrine and mechanism of Jewish supremacism, than a religion. It is a hyper-racist institution masquerading as a religion. And what is called the religion of Judaism is a doctrine of extreme hatred of non-Jews. I reluctantly state these facts, but they are essential to understanding Zionism, which is simply the latest manifestation of Jewish supremacism which has been around for at least 2,000 years. One cannot understand Zionism without understanding Judaism. For more on Judaism with extensive quotations from major Jewish sources you can read My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism. There links for applicable chapters of these books you can find by using the search engine here on my site. You can also download My Awakening as an audio book absolutely free.