An Open Letter to the FBI

By David Duke. Today I want to share an open letter that I have written to the FBI about Israeli treachery and terrorism against America and the American treason that supports it.

To Every Member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI):

I believe that most members of the FBI are good Americans, loyal Americans. Many of you had the dream of becoming an FBI agent since your childhood. You wanted to do something patriotic and good for America. You wanted to defend America from her enemies. I am sure that many of you over the years have become quite disillusioned by the direction taken by an expanding Federal Government and the erosion of the freedoms of the American people, yet you have clung to your childhood dreams and remained in the FBI believing that you could be of service to the people of the United States.

It is to you that I address this letter, because never in our long history has America faced a greater danger both from within and without our borders. In this letter I want to point out a clear and present danger to the United States and will sincerely ask you to show great courage in defending America from a powerful enemy.

Every official takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. I took such an oath when I was elected to the House of Representatives in Louisiana and also when I was elected as chairman of the Republican Party in one of the districts of Louisiana. You took one when you became a member of the FBI. It is your job to enforce the laws of the United States; probably your most important task is defending America from foreign espionage and treason both by foreign nationals and by individuals who are American citizens. Nothing shows the importance of your task more than the great tragedy of September 11.

I and every American hope that you to successfully apprehend and punish to the full extent of the law every terrorist who dares to strike at our country. But, in this letter I want to call your attention to the one foreign nation that has repeatedly spied on and even committed terrorism against the United States. That’s right I said terrorism and I will prove this powerful charge. This same nation that has committed terrorism and espionage against America now exerts almost unassailable power even within the government of the United States. I think you know what foreign nation I am speaking about: it is Israel.

Your fellow FBI agents uncovered and apprehended the Israeli spy and American traitor, Jonathan Pollard. You are probably aware that Pollard stole some of the most vital secrets of American intelligence. Israel then treacherously bartered this vital information to the Soviets. That heinous act devastated our intelligence operations in Europe and even caused the death of many of our best and loyal agents in the region. Many U.S. Government officials have said that this Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, did more damage to America than any other spy in history. I repeat, more damage to America than any other spy in history!

There have been many other cases of Israeli spying, espionage and theft against the United States, with ample proof of Israeli spying on our nucleur weapons programs. Israel even stole nucleur material from the United States. If any other country would have done such it would have been viewed as a blatant act of war. Recently it was shown that Israel has even treacherously sold some of America’s advanced defense technology to the Communist Chinese, a nation that now poses the most serious long-term threat to America.

Much of this of course, has been swept under the rug by traitors within the United States government who hide the crimes of Israel against us and put Israel’s interests above that of the United States. And the American media which is overwhelmingly in Jewish hands collaborates with the traitors by covering up the ongoing treason. The espionage and theft against America by Israel are just the tip of the iceberg of Israeli treachery against America.

The treacherous actions of Israel in the Jonathan Pollard case should have been enough for all Americans in our government to stop aiding the regime in Tel Aviv, but traitors in the highest levels of the American government have been supporting this rogue state for years, and they have kept the U.S. Government supporting Israel even after Israel committed terrorism against the United States.


I know that this is a shocking statement to some of you: “Israeli terrorism against America.” You certainly have never heard a single person in the Jewish-controlled press speak about Israeli terrorism against America, but I can easily prove Israeli acts of murderous terrorism against the United States.

I can give you two concrete examples of Israeli terrorism against our country. In the 1950s Israeli agents blew up American installations in Egypt, and attempted to falsely blame the terrorism on the Egyptians and start a war between the United States and Egypt. The Israelis called their covert action, “Operation Suzannah” and they almost succeeded in their diabolical plan. Luckily, on the way to blowing up the American MGM Cinema in Egypt, one of the Israelis’ bombs blew up prematurely. Israel’s plot was exposed to the world and its failure led to the resignation of the Israeli Defense Minister, Pinhas Lavon. If you doubt what I say, you can easily dig up the facts for yourself. Even major Jewish magazines talk about it, but the average American knows nothing of it!

Naked treason in the United States Government caused America to ignore these acts of terrorism against America launched by the Israeli Government. If the Egyptian Government would have committed these acts of terrorism, America would have rightly responded by acts of war against Egypt, just America responded when our leaders suspected Libya of sponsoring terrorist activity against us. In fact, that was the whole plan of Israel to get America to respond to terrorism with acts of war against Egypt. Of course, once American officials discovered that the Israelis were behind this terror, we did not strike back at Israel. In fact, American traitors in our government continued to send billions of American taxpayers’ money and arms to Israel! Imagine, traitors in the U.S. Government sending weapons to a nation who commits terrorism against it!

It is the same as if some Americans would have continued to support Japan after Pearl Harbor! Anyone who would have given aid and comfort to Japan after that attack would have certainly been tried and convicted as a traitor to America.

Now let me tell you about an even more murderous act of Israeli terrorism against America! During the 1967 Israeli-Egypt war, Israel attacked the USS Navy ship the Liberty with unmarked jets and torpedo boats trying to sink our ship and just as in the Lavon Affair, hoped to blame Egypt. Israel even machine gunned the USS Liberty’s deployed life rafts, they were determined to kill every American on board so there would be no witnesses to their treachery.

Through the courage and resourcefulness of our sailors, they were able to send a message out identifying the real attackers, and these brave Americans miraculously kept the ship afloat. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 174 wounded on the USS Liberty, many horribly burned and maimed. After the Israelis failed to sink the ship and Americans sent messages to the Sixth Fleet exposing the true attackers, Israel then claimed it was a “mistake.” But, was it? Both the U.S. Secretary of State at the time, Dean Rusk, and the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Moorer, have stated that there is no doubt that the attack by Israel was deliberate. To show you the power and the extent of Israeli treason in our government, traitors anxious to cover up for Israel have even been able to prevent, even unto this day, a formal Congressional investigation into the Israeli attack on the Liberty.

I will invoke the analogy of Pearl Harbor again. Any American who would have tried to cover up for Japan’s attack or who gave American money or arms to Japan after the Pearl Harbor attack would have arrested and tried for treason, yet Jewish power is so brazen in America, money, arms and equipment to Israel has continued without pause. Why?

The Jewish-dominated media in America continues to tell us, quote “Israel is our only friend in the Mideast.” The truth is, of course, real friends don’t commit terrorism, espionage and treachery against their friends.

And secondly, the obvious question must be, “Why is Israel, quote, our only friend?”

It is simply because the support American traitors have given in support of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and others have turned our former friends into ardent enemies! These enemies are growing rapidly in the world and many now hate us so much that they are even willing to sacrifice their lives to kill us. Is that truly in the interest of the United States? Is it in our interest to have half of the world hating us and wanting to commit terrorism against Americans here in the United States and wherever we are in the world?

In truth, we suffered the horrendous 9-11 attacks primarily because of this Israeli treachery and American treason. The attackers had powerful motivation to sacrifice their lives to get at us. Even bin Laden himself has repeatedly stated that his hatred against America was born from American support of horrendous Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and Lebanese. They certainly did not commit this act because they hate our freedom. The attacks occurred precisely because of the fact that Jewish partisans and American traitors have long put Israel’s interests over the interests of America.

We were told by the Israel First media and their agents in our government the big lie that the attack occurred because the Muslims “hate our freedom.” That lie was told simply so Americans would not begin to realize the terrible damage to the United States caused by our support of the criminal policies of Israel. If Americans understood the clear link between the carnage of 9-11 and our Israel policy, the American people would rightly ask an obvious question, being:

“Is it really worth it, is it really in America’s interest to support Israel?

And now I want to share with you what many of your fellow FBI agents know, but that few Americans know.

Israel is directly responsible for the 9-11 attacks.

That’s right, Israel knew the details of the attacks before they occurred and could have easily prevented the carnage. That’s right, Israel knew about the attacks ahead of time, and even warned many Israeli citizens at the World Trade Center, but Israel purposely did not warn America.

I know that what I am saying may sound incredible and shocking to some of you who were not directly involved with the 9-11 investigation, but the evidence of this Israeli treachery in regard to 911 is very powerful.

I will review some of it for your own evaluation.

1. Not even one Israeli citizen died in the World Trade Center attacks. The fact that there were no Israeli casualties is impossible without at least some Israeli citizens having received prior warning. The WTC was a center of world finance, brokerage and trade, areas that have always had a very high involvement of Israelis. In fact, Israelis are tremendously over-represented in those fields. People often speak of the New York-Israel connection and the tremendous business conducted between these two poles of Jewish power. For instance, the co-owner of the WTC itself is an Israeli citizen!

Even tiny and poor nations such as El Salvador had many casualties at the WTC. The Jerusalem Post the day after 9-11 headlined, “4000 Israelis Missing at the WTC.” Even if only one tenth of that number of Israelis were at the WTC, the Israeli death toll should have been very high. At first, the media claimed that 130 Israelis died (Bush repeated this assertion in his speech before Congress), but subsequently the Israeli death toll was reduced to one and finally it has been reduced to zero.

You can go to the official WTC Memorial Website and check this amazing fact for yourself. One Israeli citizen did die on one of the planes that crashed into the WTC, BUT NOT A SINGLE ISRAELI CITIZEN DIED AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! The fact that there were no Israeli casualties is a mathematical absurdity unless at least some Israelis were prior to the attack.

2. The FBI uncovered physical evidence of warnings to Israelis. The Washington Post Newsbytes Internet news service reported that your fellow FBI agents reported that an Israeli firm, Odigo, with offices in both Israel and the WTC had received direct and detailed warnings of the attack on the WTC at least two hours prior to the attack. So there is physical evidence of prior warning of at least some Israelis.

3. Israeli spies closely monitored the hijackers. It has been revealed by U.S. intelligence agencies including the FBI, Secret Service and DEA that a huge Israeli spy network has operated in the United States in the months prior to the attack (the largest spy ring ever uncovered in American history) and that prior to the attack a large number of these Israeli spies were closely monitoring the 9-11 hijackers. In fact, five of the Israeli spies listed in a DEA report actually lived on the same street in Hollywood, Florida as the hijacker leader, Muhammed Atta. Over half of the 9-11 hijackers were being closely monitored by Israeli spies in the United States for months prior to the attack.

4. Israel has a record of terrorism against the United States and has one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world as its Prime Minister. Ariel Sharon once stated that he would be willing to start World War III if it would help Israel.

5. Israel had a powerful motive for the crime. Just as in the prosecution of any crime, establishing motive is a vital element. Israel had a public relations nightmare in the months preceding 9-11. Just four days before September 11, Associated Press on September 7 ran a story headlined, “Sharon dares not enter Belgium, Fears War Crimes Indictment.” In the months preceding 911, photos went around the world showing Palestinian children being shot down. The United Nations International Conference on Racism in South Africa decreed that Israel is an “Apartheid State.” Before September 11, 2002, many nations around the world were beginning to formally recognize the new Palestinian State. Israel and Ariel Sharon were never in deeper trouble in world opinion.

September 11 changed everything and has been used to give Israel the green light right to brutally oppress the Palestinian people and wreck the fledging Palestinian State. Israel is the only nation that benefited from the 911 catastrophe. America certainly didn’t, Palestinians have never suffered so much as since the attack. Only Israel and Sharon have reaped real benefits from the resulting “war on terror.” How else could the “Butcher of Beirut,” the man responsible for the cold-blooded murders of 1500 Palestinians at Sabra and Chatila concentration camps, be called a, quote, “man of peace” and “partner in the fight against terror?”

6. Your fellow FBI colleagues believe Israel knew the details of the attack. The FBI agents who led the investigation of the Israeli spy ring said that that Israel knew the details of the 9-11 attack and purposely held it back from the American authorities. Carl Cameron, investigative reporter revealed this on December 13 on the Fox News Network’s Brit Hume Program, Dec. 13, 2001. I will quote some excerpts.

“CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Since Sept. 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States… investigators suspect that they Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it…

“Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to Sept. 11; as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States.”

As you are aware, the fact that Israel purposely let these mass murder and carnage occur makes them just as guilty in the eyes of the law as those who flew the planes into the WTC. It also must rank as one of the greatest betrayals ever recorded in the history of nations.

How can Americans tolerate such Israeli treachery against our country? In March, a long report by DEA became public that detailed a massive Israeli spy operation against hundreds of FBI, DEA, Secret Service, Justice Department and Military facilities.

As you are aware from your FBI training, one way that foreign governments cultivate spies and traitors is by developing personal relationships with people in sensitive positions, then learning about and exploiting their weaknesses or even blackmailing them into cooperation. The Israeli spies were attempting just that, actually going to the offices and even homes of Judges, DEA, secret service and FBI agents using the supposed sale of artwork to try to develop personal contacts and relationships with agents they hoped that they could cultivate. The DEA report which exposed this spy ring showed that many of the Israeli agents were known Mossad and Israeli military operatives, often trained in espionage, explosives and covert operations. Many of the apprehended had failed the lie detector tests administered by your fellow FBI agents.

Israel also has penetrated almost all of the telephone systems of the United States and many of those of American law enforcement and intelligence. As incredible as it may sound, Carl Cameron revealed that American agencies are now using Israeli firms (with ties to the Israeli Government) to conduct wiretaps in the United States). Imagine, a foreign company with ties to a foreign government who has repeatedly spied on us, being put in charge of American domestic wiretaps!

In the one of the most blatantly treasonous acts of recent history, the contracts to do tapping of American telephones and capture were given to Israeli firms financed by the Israeli government and thus tied with the Mossad. This is the same Israeli government that betrayed America with master spy Jonathon Pollard! Carl Cameron showed how the Israeli companies even tapped the phones of Federal Law Enforcement officers a major Israeli drug ring in the United States resulting in their escape from justice. The Israeli companies were used to tap the phones of Federal agents so as to discover the names of government informants who were then subsequently eliminated by the Israeli mob. So the fact is today that Israeli intelligence can intercept phone calls of targeted American intelligence agents and exploit those who they find vulnerable, and thus lure some into their spy network against the United States of America. Let me again quote Carl Cameron in discussing the Israeli company, Comverse Infosys, the Israeli company that performs wiretaps for United States Government intelligence agencies.

“CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The company is Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm, with offices throughout the U.S. It provides wiretapping equipment for law enforcement. …”

“Congress insists the equipment it installs is secure. But the complaint about this system is that the wiretap computer programs made by Comverse have, in effect, a back door through which wiretaps themselves can be intercepted by unauthorized parties.”

“Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide.”

“And sources say that while various F.B.I. inquiries into Comverse have been conducted over the years, they’ve been halted before the actual equipment has ever been thoroughly tested for leaks. A 1999 F.C.C. Document indicates several government agencies expressed deep concerns that too many unauthorized non-law enforcement personnel can access the wiretap system.”

It is sick and corrupt system when foreign spies can penetrate even American law enforcement and intelligence agencies with impunity. What has happened to America if an FBI agent who dares to try to stop a foreign government’s spying against America he ends up committing “career suicide?”

More Treason!

In perhaps one of the biggest betrayals of American security in history, the over 100 Israeli spies apprehended by the FBI were set free by highly placed U.S. officials and allowed to return to Israel!. No significant charges filed against them. As I pointed out earlier in this letter, these Israeli spies were also closely monitoring the terrorists of September 11. Five of them are listed in the DEA report as having actually lived on the same street as the Al Qaida leader of September 11, Muhammed Atta! The plain truth is that spies and traitors in the United States Government could not afford to have public trials of these Israeli espionage agents. The obvious reason they were let go is to hide from the American people the Israeli involvement and treachery in the 9-11 attack.

A full-scale prosecution of these spies would have been bad public relations for Israel and would have certainly made public the obvious evidence that Ariel Sharon and Israel knew the details of 9-11 attack in advance and murderously stood back and purposely let the carnage against America happen. If the Israelis would have given the information to the FBI your fellow agents could have captured all the terrorists easily and prevent the terrible loss of American life and property.

Furthermore , allowing the Israeli spies to go free, even those we knew had been monitoring Muhammad Atta and the other September 11 terrorists hinders any true Congressional investigation of the 9-11 attacks. For now these men who knew so much cannot be called to testify in any investigation. Certainly, the American people have a right to know all the details of the greatest terrorist act in American history, but Americans are denied that right and captured foreign spies are set free, so that Americans don’t learn of Israeli treachery!

After the exposure by Fox News of the massive Israeli spy ring on American soil, I wrote extensively about it in my Duke Report and on the Internet. Since that time I have received a number of anonymous communications from FBI, INS and DEA agents expressing outrage at the treason they have witnessed within the United States Government.

How do you feel about this clear treason going on at the highest levels of Government? What will it take for you to help stop it? For it is upon you that the American people depend on to keep our nation and our families safe. If you don’t act to protect us, who will?

Of course the Jewish Partisan press in America has permitted very little of this to reach the public, and many of you in the FBI are unaware of the treason that has gone on. After all, you are subject to same controlled press as everyone else.

I realize that I simply a former public official in Louisiana, branded as a right-wing extremist by the American Jewish-dominated media, but please, you can verify everything I have written here for yourself. I am powerless stop this treason to the United States of America. You are the ones in position to do that. I beseech you to put your loyalty to the Constitution of the United States and the American people first. Even if, as Fox News reports, it is “career suicide” to oppose Jewish spies and American traitors, if you don’t do it, no one will.

What I am asking you to do is for those of you in positions who knew the truth, to spread that truth about Israeli spying and treachery to the American people. Send your accounts, with names, dates, places, events, such as in the DEA report to every media outlet in the United States. Maybe you can find just a few honest members of the press who will dare to tell the truth about the greatest betrayal of America in our proud history. Maybe some of you are nearing retirement and can go public exposing this treason. Maybe some others will take the courageous road and risk all to protect America by speaking out no matter what the cost to you personally. I pray so.

The truth cannot be kept down forever, but it will die if brave men are not willing to tell it.

Thank you for your time to read this open letter.


David Duke

Former Member of the House of Representatives

State of Louisiana, United States of America

For the typical American who is not a member of the American intelligence community I hope this report enlightened you on some aspects of the treason and betrayal by Israeli spies and traitors in regard to the 9-11 tragedy. I urge you to spread this report to every email friend that you have, to every newspaper and media outlet you know of, to every Congressman and Senator on the Federal and state level. I also urge you to print this report and send it to every government agency office in your local area. The freedom and security of America demands your courage and activism at this time.

I am doing my part to defend America. How about you?

This has been David Duke with some of my latest thoughts.

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