Alex Kurtagic interviews one of the hardest working Truth Activists on the scene today

Interview with Jaenelle Antas

Alex Kurtagic

I first encountered Jaenelle Antas through her association with British historian David Irving, for whom she has organised a number of speaking tours and for whom she currently runs Focal Point’s mail order operations in the United States. As not everyone gets to work closely with the world’s most controversial historian, or to experience the wild fringes of the publishing industry and lecture circuit, I decided to find out more about the person behind the face. We discover an intelligent, thoughtful, and professional person, and we also learn about her new bookshop venture, Lighthouse Literature.

You must be an object of perplexity for the casual, apolitical observer. On the one hand, you are an intelligent young woman, from a middle class background, with a university education; but on the other, you subscribe to a system of beliefs some would consider abhorrent, notorious, and morally depraved. Explain for the apolitical reader how this came to be.

This is a hard question for me to answer because there were a lot of factors that had to fall into place for me to end up where I am now, so I’ll just talk about what I consider to have been the most significant of those because to go into every detail would fill up a pretty good sized book. . . . . .

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