AIPAC-Jewish Racist “Hopes Boston Bomber is White”

Commentary by Dr. David Duke –Well-known Jewish racist and former AIPAC staffer David Sirota, writing in Salon Magazine, has used the Boston bombing as an excuse to launch yet another attack on European Americans as part of his tribe’s divide and conquer strategy in America.

Sirota, who worked in the Jewish lobby group AIPAC’s political department, launched the vicious attack in an article titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” claiming that there is a “double standard” in the treatment of “white terrorists” and “Islamists.”


According to Sirota, European Americans who commit crimes are treated as “lone wolves” while Islamists who commit crimes are “existential threats.”

In fact, Sirota is no friend of Palestinians, Arabs or for that matter Muslims. He is former AIPAC staffer who supports the racist, terrorist, Jewish Supremacist state of Israel. He has supported a number of pro-Israeli candidates and causes.

So why is a Jewish AIPAC extremist supposedly defending Muslims now and attacking European Americans?

HARVARD-massive overrepresentationThe answer is very simple. European Americans are still the vast majority of the American population. If the small hyper-racist Jewish cabal is going to control American policy and keep it supporting the terrorist, racist nation of Israel, it must make sure that European Americans are demoralized and divided. It is vital to the Jewish overlords that European Americans have no clear sense of their own interests or the true interests of America. Hence, they make incessant attack on “White racism” and “White privilege” when it is actually Jewish racism and Jewish privilege that absolutely rules academia, media, politics and finance in America.

In truth, the group seen as the biggest enemies of Jewish power, the European Americans, are the most discriminated group in academia and hiring, the most denigrated group in the mass media, and the most repressed group in politics. In fact, Europeans can’t even have advocacy groups for their interests as can Jews and other groups. In fact, Jews have 50 powerful organizations, rich and international in scope that fight openly for Jewish interests, while the establishment does not permit even one organization to be acceptable for collective European American interests. Just consider the Council of Jewish Presidents for Major Jewish Organizations. It is comprised of fifty well-healed, well financed Jewish groups openly standing up for “Jewish advocacy.” Not one European American organization defending its heritage is acceptable by the American establishment.

For the Jewish elite to take over America, they had to take it from the European American 90 percent of the population and its elite. They still see European Americans, at 68 percent of the population, as their chief competitor for power in America. To defeat their enemies in this ethnic war, they must incite ethnic hatred against European Americans from rising non-White groups, and demoralize and divide European Americans, so they can maintain their own power.

In reality, as Sirato and his fellow tribalists know all too well, there is no “white privilege” in America any longer, but rather a system of massive Jewish racist privilege which actively discriminates against all other Americans: Europeans, Africans, Asians, Hispanics and Muslims.

As my recent articles on Harvard and the Ivy League show, non-Jewish European Americans who are 68 percent of the American population are only about 20 percent of the students at Harvard and the Ivy League universities, from which come the elite who rule America.

Jews are only 1.8 percent of students in America but are an incredible 25 percent of Harvard and are also vastly disproportionate in the other top universities as well.

Jews are admitted to Harvard, for example, at 15 times (1500 percent) the ratio of equal or better-qualified European Americans and 7.5 times (750 percent) higher than Asian Americans. (See Ron Unz’s The Myth of American Meritocracy).

European to Jewish RepresentationdmsllThis is achieved by Jewish administrators at these colleges who actively discriminate in student admissions against better qualified non-Jews.

The same process is at work in Sirota’s “blame whites” article in Salon magazine.

The people who are demonizing Muslims through the mass media are actually Sirota’s fellow Jews who own and run most that mass media. Jewish Hollywood and mass media are the ones who have demonized the Arab and Muslim people overseas in order to support Zionist supremacism. It is not European Americans who run Hollywood and who have created the chronic images of Arab terrorism and the incessant images of Jewish victimhood.

If Sirota is really worried about the poor image of Muslims and Arabs, why does he viciously attack European Americans. Why does he completely ignore the deluge of hateful images of Arabs spawned by Jewish Hollywood?

Instead of showing how the anti-Muslim sentiment is because of the overwhelming Jewish power in America, Sirota blames “White Americans.”

This accomplishes two important goals for the Jewish tribalists:

1) It shifts the righteous anger of non-European Americans from the actual Jewish elite who rule America. Instead, non-European Americans are incited to blame European Americans. The Jewish elite are shielded from the legitimate criticism it deserves. It enlists non-European groups to go against European Americans and thus pave the way for Jewish domination.

2) It demoralizes and deflects European American anger from the racism and supremacism of the ultra Jewish racists. It encourages them to hate their own heritage and thus aids racist Jewish supremacy. At the same time it indirectly sends a message to European American patriots that their interests lie with the Jews and Israel even though no one has harmed the European American population more than they have.

The fact is that Jews are completely dominant in all kinds of media, in Hollywood, print and Internet publishing. If there is an attempt to vilify Muslims, it is not being done by “European Americans” but by Sirota’s own racist tribe of whom he is a part. In fact, as pointed out, he was an official of AIPAC, the ultimate Zionist lobby in America.

The Jewish Supremacists have developed an utterly hypocritical strategy of committing human rights outrages—which range from active discrimination against all races at American colleges right through to inciting the bombing and murder of Muslims in the Middle East—and then using their mass media to blame European Americans for these horrific crimes.

The truth is that it is the Jewish Supremacists who have sought to demonize Muslims the world over, not European Americans.

The truth is that Jewish Supremacist control of American foreign policy and the wars instigated by them are the real cause of Islamist attacks upon Americans. Of course it has absolutely no relation to “white privilege,” but everything to do with Jewish supremacy and “Jewish privilege” in the American establishment.

Note that since Sirota stopped working for AIPAC, he has never written a word about Jewish privilege, or the reason that Jewish domination of America is because of Jewish racism. Instead he has focused exclusively on promoting the “divide and conquer strategy” of his tribe.

Sirota is evocative of the so-called liberal and leftist Jews exposed by Gilad Atzmon. By covering up Jewish supremacism and Jewish hyper-racism, they empower the Zionist control and manipulation of America. Zionist Israel could not even exist if not for Jewish tribalism that empowers it in the United States and around the world.

This strategy aims at setting African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans against European Americans, and for European Americans to think that all their troubles come from these groups as well.

But, the truth is that none of these groups have been the authors of the biggest problems facing America. One of biggest problems is of course the increasing social damage and conflict caused by mass immigration that has divided and conflicted America. The borders were not opened by the immigrants, but by the Jewish Supremacists like Sirota who have led the effort to divide America and make more amenable to the Jewish takeover.

sirota starSirotta even goes on to support continued massive immigration into America which has been part of the Zionist agenda for over one hundred years. But the AIPAC activist Sirota has supported the nation which has the most racist immigration policy on earth: Israel.