“Africans in Israel Greater Threat than Iran”: No Media Outcry….

In the latest display of Zionist racism—completely ignored by the Jewish Supremacist-controlled western media—the Israeli foreign minister has announced that African immigrants are a greater threat to Israel than Iran’s (mythical) atom bomb and has vowed to “make their lives miserable.”

Any such pronouncement by any other state would provoke cries of outrage from Israel and the Jewish lobby worldwide—particularly if the word “African” was swapped out for “Jew.”

Yet because the media and the western governments are under the thumb of their Jewish Supremacist masters, nothing is said even as Israel pursues its plans to keep itself ethnically purely Jewish.

Foreign minister Eli Yishai has said that the “infiltrator threat is just as severe as the Iranian threat. For the time being, I plan to lock them up. This I can do without anyone’s authorization. I am doing it for the good of the State of Israel.

“I have asked the Treasury for a budget increase to build more detention facilities, and until I can deport them I’ll lock them up to make their lives miserable,” he added.

Later, he sent a letter to Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai in which he accused Africans of turning the synagogues into toilets.

In the letter Yishai described “the stench, the disrepair, synagogues converted into pubs, bars and sometimes even toilets by the migrants and illegal aliens while local Jewish worshippers are banished. It’s almost unheard of to find enough people to form a minyan for prayer in the area.

“I’m certain that had similar news been broadcast about neglect in synagogues abroad, the world and surely Israel would be shocked and act immediately to fix the situation,” he added.

Earlier, Yishsai explained his anti-immigration policies this way: “Let’s set things straight… there are 300 million people living in countries within the Nile basin in horrific economic and security conditions. The $500 that they earn in Israel every month is an annual salary in their countries of origin.

“If the situation continues and encourages even 1% of them to come here – there goes the country. That is why I have expressed myself so sharply from the start on closing the gates.”

“They have problems in the African countries? Let the UN handle those problems. Let it handle it (the problems) better than it handled the problems in Syria. It is unacceptable that the UN is not solving these problems and we have to pay for it. I’m not the Eritrean welfare minister and not the Sudanese labor minister.”

Any American politician making such remarks about, for example, Mexicans, would be attacked and slandered by Jewish Supremacist groups such as the ADL, SPLC and so on—but those Jewish extremists are always dead silent when it comes to racism from their fellow co-religionists.