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African-American Mayor of New Orleans says New Orleans must be chocolate again

African-American mayor of New Orleans says New Orleans must be chocolate again, “It’s the way God wants it to be!”

By David Duke

“We ask black people. … It’s time for us to come together. It’s a time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans,” Nagin said, according to Associated Press reports. “This city will be a majority African-American city. It’s the way God wants it to be. You can’t have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn’t be New Orleans.”

I talk frequently about how racial demographics have a profound impact on society, on cities; indeed, on nations.

I say that America is undergoing a catastrophic change in demographics that will dramatically affect the character and essential basis of what we call “America.”

I argue that this demographic change will have a disastrous affect on American economic prosperity, educational quality, poverty rates, crime rates, drug addiction and accelerate many kinds of societal dysfunction. It will affect standards of art, music, film, religion, even the languages spoken in America and the way that they are spoken.

I speak about how our children in the America of the future, unless we act quickly and decisively, will walk as strangers in their own land. Unless we bring about a great revolutionary change in thought and action, our people will become a minority that will witness the entire machinery of government accelerating its effort to dispossess our people.

The space available here is sufficient only to outline a few of the grievances of European Americans. Here are a few.

Already, we see our people face the institutionalized racism and discrimination of so-called affirmative action. This massive government promoted racial discrimination goes on in scholarships, in college and union admittance, in jobs, in promotions, and in contracts against better-qualified European Americans.

We see vast areas of America where millions of White families are forced to endure the great financial burden of sending their children to private or church schools. They don’t dare send their children to educationally failing and dangerous public schools that their very own taxes finance.

Fewer and fewer Whites are willing to send their children to institutions of anti-White racism, hatred, drugs, violence and gross educational failure. Many schools even have a prevailing anti-White, anti-women, violent culture of gangster rap and are filled with the dark young gangsters to be. They are not places for the children of any thoughtful and caring parent.

Already we see a massive epidemic of cross race crimes where the majority of victims of violent crime are Whites who suffer from a vastly disproportional non-White criminal element. In fact, Blacks rob, rape, and murder Whites at a rate between 30 and 100 times higher than Whites attack Blacks. (See the Color of Crime report)

Yet, there is no outcry by politicians or media about this racial horror. Instead, the media focuses on the exceedingly rare, hundred times less prevalent, cases of White attacks on Blacks. If thousands of nonwhites were being physically victimized by Whites, if there was an epidemic of White male rape against Black women; the media and political denunciation would be at incredible decibels, and justifiably so. But, this widespread brutality against White women is ignored by politicians and media as though it doesn’t even exist. Yet, these tens of thousands of White female victims are real regardless of whether or not they are mentioned by the media.

If a Black or Liberal spokesman protests White victimization of Blacks he is praised by the media. If a White spokesman dares to even mention the huge numbers of White victims of non-White criminality and brutality, he will be the one condemned for racism and inhumanity, not the non-White perpetrator of rape or murder. I was branded hateful and racist for simply daring to point out the multitude of horrible racial crimes committed against White people in New Orleans the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

While tens of millions of working Americans cannot afford even the bare minimum of health insurance and face the loss of hearth and home to a possible illness or injury of a family member, they see the medical system swamped with tens of millions of welfare recipients getting first rate medical care who have spent a lifetime only on the receiving end of the taxes not the paying end.

Hard working Americans witness illegal aliens, non-citizens, whose medical expenses are paid for in entirety by many of the same working Americans who can’t afford medical insurance for their own families!

The American middle class has been betrayed by government and its accomplices in a media that voices only praise for the dispossession of the American people. Nothing is done to stem the flow of illegal immigration that costs millions of American jobs and drains the funds of the American economy, robs precious tax money from education, from law enforcement and prisons, and from needed medical care. In fact, the government actively encourages insourcing of non-Americans to take even high-tech American jobs and outsourcing of good, high tech jobs to foreign nations.

Americans are seeing the neighborhoods in which they grew up in more resemble the slums of Mexico or for that matter Mogadishu, rather than that of their fathers and mothers.

The long suffering American majority sees the foreign policy of the United States, dominated by pushy and obnoxious Jewish extremist Neocons in Government and media. They have embroiled us into an insane war that destroys not only thousands of American lives, but will rob America of at least a trillion dollars of the confiscated tax money of working Americans. For what? For America? No it’s a war only for Israel’s strategic interests and one that only stokes the fires of hatred and terrorism against the American people.

This government of White dispossession is more concerned about securing the Iraq Border than the border with Mexico where the truly greatest threat to America rests.

Only through the fractionated and factionalized wasteland of multiculturalism can these alien interests, through a divide and conquer strategy, manipulate American policy, and obscure us to real threats to the very essence of what we once thought of as “America.”

Once in a while, non-White leaders speak openly about what people only understand under the surface of normal camouflaged American politics. They will utter something that we all viscerally understand, but something the media pretends not to know: the real motives and objectives of those who seek to dispossess us.

This happened in New Orleans recently. The African American Mayor of the city, Ray Nagin, a man who was hailed by White businessmen in the city as a moderate Black man as compared to his other Black opponents, laid down the racial gauntlet.

This is what he said:

“We ask black people. … It’s time for us to come together. It’s a time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans,” Nagin said, according to Associated Press reports. “This city will be a majority African-American city. It’s the way God wants it to be. You can’t have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn’t be New Orleans.”

In America a Black politician can get away with saying what a White politician would be crucified for, that he wants a black majority. Imagine a White politician anywhere saying:

“We ask White people. … It’s time for us to come together. It’s a time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a White Cream New Orleans,” Nagin said, according to Associated Press reports. “This city will be a majority White city again. It’s the way God wants it to be. You can’t have New Orleans no (any) other way. It wouldn’t be New Orleans.”

A number of White columnists in the pay and pocket of the anti-White media have responded as a popular pro-Israel columnist in the New Orleans area, Steve Sabludowsky:

“Nagin has apologized. I am not sure if he knows why he did what he did. Whites need to get over it. For every stupid statement he has made, he has made ten statements upon which many whites and many black business people agree and has needed to be said by a African American so the message does not get lost in the issue of race and so some might realize that Nagin has only been trying to help.”

Of course, Whites need to get over it. If a White politician said what Nagin said, Do you think Sabludowsky would say: “Blacks need to get over it…he was only trying to help?” The truth is that every group, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews can openly work for their own vital interests, but Whites are forbidden to do so.

We are not supposed to be concerned about what Nagin said or the fact that his views are shared by African Americans all over America, such as Jesse Jackson, the best-known spokesman for Blacks in the United States, who has demanded that New Orleans restore it’s Black majority over White people.

In fact, for well over a hundred and fifty years of New Orleans’ existence, even up to the 1960’s Whites were the vast majority of the population, and were certainly the primary source of New Orleans old European architecture and culture.

Even though Whites have been reduced to a minority by the prolific Black birthrate, overwhelmingly paid for by White taxes for welfare, still their presence and money, poured in from the White taxpayers of Louisiana and America, was the thin White line between the city of New Orleans and the squalid conditions of African fiefdoms such Kampala or Mogadishu.

When Hurricane Katrina came it erased that White line and blurred the Blue line of Police (which was also now mostly a Black line), New Orleans became for some days like the cities from where the majority of inhabitants were long ago descended.

As I quoted from major news sources, gangs of Blacks even ravaged old-age care centers and children’s hospitals, mobs of Blacks screamed racial epithets at White Hurricane victims trapped in the city and attacked them. There were even many cases of Blacks attacking and shooting at courageous White citizens who came to rescue them from the flood!

In the storm’s aftermath, it was no joke that some Whites in New Orleans endured in real life the seemingly far-fetched scenes in Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies depicting White folks pursued by bloodthirsty African natives.

Again, I will be condemned for even telling the truth about it, but those brutes who did real racial profiling in selecting victims for rape and murder will not be condemned for playing the “race card” in the most brutal and cruel way imaginable.

Mayor Nagin wants New Orleans to be Chocolate again.

I want what New Orleans was like in the years when I went to grade school there.

A New Orleans where dope was the word for that stupid guy down the street.

Where you could get on a bus, hand the driver a five and he would make change.

Where the worst offenses in school were being out of class without a pass or cheating on a test, not robbery, drugs, rape and murder.

Where Whites and Blacks could walk on clean and safe streets without fear.

When hurricane Betsy hit and devastated my city, no one shot at helicopters or raided nursing homes and children’s hospitals. The White Police didn’t desert their jobs in mass or take part in looting.

Nagin and the media and the politicians that run America are committed changing the whole of America the same way that New Orleans was changed. But when the whole of America is changed there won’t be any White America to rescue places like New Orleans, it will BE New Orleans, only worse without a “White America” to bail it out.

In fact, it is not just Whites in America that are under siege, it is true in Canada, throughout Europe, in Australia, New Zealand, wherever our people dwell upon the earth. Consider the widespread riots recently in a nation that led the world in culture and refinement, in the very highest attributes of civilization: the nation of France.

Demographics is the issue, the most important issue facing New Orleans, America and the entire Western World.

Hypocritically, almost every major American politician and media commentator in America, in Canada, Europe and around the world freely talks about the right of Israel to preserve its Jewish character. The media talks frankly about how Israel faces a demographic threat of becoming a minority in their country.

Of course, they conveniently forget the fact that Israel faces this threat because of the fact that Jewish extremists have invaded and took over another people’s society. Fifty years ago, The West Bank was overwhelmingly Palestinian. Fifty years ago, New Orleans was overwhelmingly White.

No American or Israeli politician will be condemned for being concerned about Jewish demographics.

No Black or Hispanic politician or media personality will be condemned for being concerned about African American demographics.

I am a European American deeply concerned about the demographic nightmare enveloping our nation.

Long ago I had to make a choice to either cowardly close my eyes to destruction of my country and people, or stand up to defend them.

I made my choice.

I will stand up for my heritage. I will defend my freedom.

You have a choice too.

What will it be?

Let me know!


David Duke