ADL Attacks David Duke for Exposing Apprehended Jewish Spy Ring

ADL Attacks David Duke for Alleging Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 and a Chertoff Coverup!

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) has a new press release attacking me and others for daring to expose the evidence that the Israeli Mossad had a large spy ring in the United States in the months before the 911 attacks and that it likely had advanced warning of the attack that it did not share. It also attacks me for saying that a dedicated Zionist, Michael Chertoff (who was then with the Justice Department), set free the apprehended Jewish spy ring so that it could return to Israel and afford a cover up this Israeli treachery.

On my website there are links to an extensive four part series on the Fox News Network exposing the Israeli spy ring and the fact that the FBI discovered that they were shadowing the hijackers. The Fox News report also reported the FBI as saying in regard to 9/11, “How could they (the Israelis) not have known!” Watch the video for yourself. Are Brit Hume and Carl Cameron also “anti-Semites” as the ADL erroneously describes me? (“Anti-Semite” is the defamation used for anyone who exposes Israeli treachery)

See the TV Report on the huge Israeli Spy Network Operating in America

Here a quick summary of indisputable facts:

1)Five Israeli Mossad agents were caught filming and wildly cheering the WTC attacks. They even were photographed flicking their lighters with the WTC burning in the background. They failed lie detector tests concerning their knowledge of 911. These five and those who had surveillance of the Hijacker ring (see below) were allowed to go back to Israel by Chertoff before members of the 911 commission were allowed to interview them.

2)US DEA agents issued a memo gave extensive details of Israeli surveillance of hijack leader Mohammed Atta, including the names of the Mossad agents who lived on the same street as Atta in Hollywood Florida. At least half of the suspected hijackers were being shadowed by the Mossad according to the reports of American agents.

3)Newsbytes (a subsidiary of the Washington Post) reported that the FBI investigated the fact that warning messages of the impending 9/11 attacks were sent to at least one Israeli firm with offices in the World Trade Center and Israel hours before the attacks on 9/11.

4)The Israeli death toll of the 2500 killed in the WTC was reported at 133 by President Bush in his State of the Union Speech and ultimately reduced to one, an incredibly low number considering the significant involvement of Israelis in the banking, trade and finance of the WTC. For instance, even a co-owner of the WTC, Lowry, is an Israeli citizen. Certainly it is reasonable to believe that such a low number of Israeli victims couldn’t be possible without at least some warnings to Israelis. Even a single warning to one Israeli firm is strong evidence of Mossad foreknowledge of the terrorism.

5)Israel has long history of terrorism and treachery against America. In the The Lavon affair the Israeli government had to admit that it launched a false flag trust plot where the Mossad blew up American installations in Egypt. In the attack on the USS Liberty, Israel made a surprise, murderous attack on American intelligence gathering ship off the coast of the Sinai. The American Secretary of the State at the time, Dean Rusk, has stated for years that he believes the attack was a premeditated deliberate Israeli attack. In the Jonathan Pollard Spy Case, Israel devastated the U.S. intelligence network in Eastern Europe, causing the death of many American operatives. This record shows that Israel would not shrink from such a betrayal as letting the 911 attacks proceed because it would help the Israeli strategic position. (which of course it did)

The ADL never puts a link to my site so that you can read for yourself what I have to say, rather than just some selected excerpts. But, I am more than willing to provide a link to show the reader how the ADL distorts the facts and defames anyone who dares to stand up for America first rather than Israel.

ADL 911 Conspiracies

Please read my articles on the site about 911; watch the Fox News Videos, and you will understand why the ADL is also working hard to install filters on the Internet so you cannot read my side (or any side) that disagrees with these Jewish extremists. Also go to my article on Michael Chertoff and you will find out the amazing fact that Chertoff, the US Attorney in Newark at the time of the first WTC bombing and investigation, actually became the attorney for the Muslim who financed the Mosque where the attackers originated and was later suspected of financing the 9/11 attacks! It may sound too strange to be true, but it is. His name is Magdy Elamir and he and his brother were snared in Operation Diamondback in an BATF sting operation against anti-American terrorists. Chertoff as head of the Terrorism Task Force let his old client go! Official 9/11 investigators claim that Magdy Elamir was the financier of the 2001 WTC attacks. Yet, Chertoff’s long relationship with Elamir was never reported by any of the mainstream media, and this is the man that now heads the Department of Homeland security, a man with close ties to the person who financed the Mosque where the first WTC bombing conspiracy originated and suspected of financing the 9/11 attacks!

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Nominee Aided a 911 Terrorist!
Here is the ADL comments about me. Read them, but please, also read my articles on the subject!

Sincerely, David Duke

David Duke: A Hatemonger Promotes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

During the week leading up to the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the notorious white supremacist and former Klansman David Duke has repeated anti-Semitic allegations on his Web site about an Israeli spying ring in the U.S. that was tracking the 9/11 hijackers’ every move but failed to pass their knowledge on to the U.S. Like Christopher Bollyn of American Free Press, he also claims that Jewish members of the government are trying to prevent the public from learning about Israeli involvement in the attacks.

Duke asserts that U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff was behind the cover-up that prevented the exposure of Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks. He writes:

“One of those in the Justice Department cover up was Michael Chertoff who became head of the Terrorism Task Force in the Attorney General’s office. If the Israeli spy ring was to be prosecuted, Chertoff was the man to do it. (Chertoff by the way is an extreme Jewish supremacist whose very appropriate name means “devil” in its original Jewish-Russian).”

On his Web site, Duke claims that “the Zionists,” working with “Jewish news producers and editors,” quashed the story of the alleged Israeli spying ring tracking the 9/11 terrorists. He also alleges that the same Jewish-controlled government and media instigated the subsequent invasion of Iraq. Duke writes, “Our press was unanimous in backing the neoJewishcon [sic] lies and hustled America off to this war for Israel.”