A War for Israel — Not for Oil!

War on Iraq: Not Oil but Israel


As my readers and listeners know, I have been saying for a long time that the “Iraq War for Oil” argument was a completely erroneous argument meant to shield the truth about the Zionist orchestration of this war. I would recommend that all davidduke.com visitors read the following, excellent article that points out the true motivation for the Iraq War. Jewish extremists who dominate the right, the so-called Neocons, are actually fathered by Trotskyite Communists (as strange as it may sound). They lie and say the Iraq War is about American security when in fact of course the war lessens America’s security and damages America in every conceivable way.

Among the many Jews on the left who still maintain their tribal loyalties there are many who misdirect liberal anger by saying the war is one for oil, thus taking Israel and Jewish supremacism off the hook. This war was never about oil. The only reason Saddam became our enemy rather than our friend (and he was once our friend) was because he so ardently opposed Israel and supported the Palestinian cause. — David Duke

Here is a quote from this excellent article by Stephen Sniegoski:

An additional reason for the popularity of the war-for-oil argument is that any reference to Israel and the neoconservatives moves into the taboo area of Jewish power and invites the lethal charge of anti-Semitism. It is obviously far safer to demonize the oil industry than to make anything approaching a critical comment regarding individual Jews or Jewish interests, even if it is not a criticism of Jews as a group.

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