A non-White majority could arrive as early as 2022 unless current policy is changed

America Will Turn Non-White During Our Lifetime. By James Buchanan EURO

An AFP article reports “Whites in the United States will no longer be a majority of the population by 2042, nearly a decade earlier than previous projections, according to US Census Bureau figures released Thursday. While 65 percent of the US population is projected to be white in 2010, those numbers will start to decline around the 2030s as white deaths outpace births, according to the figures. The figures show that in 2042, whites will be outnumbered by Americans who call themselves Hispanic, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. Previous projections said this would happen by 2050.”

Given the complete failure by the two-party system to take border control seriously or to deport millions of illegal immigrants, there’s an excellent chance America will have a non-White majority twenty years earlier than that estimate, which would be in the year 2022, a mere 14 years into the future.

As recently as the 1930s, American politicians would have been outraged at the thought of the White race becoming a minority in the US. In fact, under pressure from the American public, a complete ban on Asian immigration was put into law in the form of the Alien Exclusion Act, which was repeatedly renewed under pressure from the American public decade after decade. Only after FDR maneuvered the US into World War Two, were the restrictions on immigration erased. In the middle of the war, almost no one noticed when FDR proclaimed that Chinese could immigrate to the US since they were our “gallant allies” in that war. World War Two was entirely avoidable for the US. The Japanese only attacked Pearl Harbor after repeated provocations by FDR, including an oil embargo in late 1941 and an ultimatum from the FDR regime to the Japanese Empire telling them to end their war with China “or else.”

Every time the US has gotten involved in a war after the year 1850, the White race has lost. The Civil War erased the 10th Amendment and made citizens out of Black slaves. The First World War set an extremely bad precedent that entangled us in a European war which was none of our business and slaughtered American soldiers for the sake of banks and war profiteers. World War Two was the worst, most evil war in US history in terms of selling out the interests of White people and paving the way for a multi-racial America. FDR arbitrarily erased the hard-fought Alien Exclusion Act, which kept out Asians.

Even modern day wars are extremely detrimental to the US, because they distract attention from issues like illegal immigration. Because of the “war on terror,” the issue of illegal immigration was almost totally ignored in the 2008 primaries. In the end, we were stuck with two pro-Amnesty candidates in the form of John McCain and Barack Obama. The “war on terror” was either a direct result of our slavish support of Isra-hell or an arranged incident by the Mossad and CIA. Only weeks after the 911 attack, the Israelis were caught trying to set up a Mossad-created “al Qaeda” cell in Palestine. Could the Israeli Mossad have recruited disgruntled Saudis and Egyptians for the 911 attack to try to ruin US relations with those countries? Those two nations had previously been the friendliest of the Muslim nations. Israel obviously wants us to have no friends in the Muslim world and to view all of those nations as enemies.

Curiously, our politicians don’t seem to take the “war on terror” seriously. If they did, they would block all immigration from the Muslim world and deport many of the Muslims who are here today. The fact that they keep the immigration door open to the Saudis and other Muslims suggests that they really don’t believe the 911 attack took place as advertised.

In 1965, Senator Ted Kennedy acting on behalf of the CFR, Trilateralists and Jewish lobby introduced and helped pass an immigration “reform” bill that completely betrayed the White race, opening our borders to Hindus, Muslims and every Third World nation. The current multi-racial “Babylon the Great” which the US has become, is a direct result of that betrayal and the increasing deliberate sabotage of the Border Patrol by the likes of George Bush and other race-traitors in our government.

Initial estimates of the US turning into a majority non-White nation were many decades into the future. As recently as 2004, the year for the non-White majority was 2050. Average White Americans apparently never plan ahead and they care absolutely nothing about the future of their children or grandchildren. If they did, they would have been fighting to change immigration law to stop the flood of Third World invaders.

Hopefully with the much more imminent date of 2042, ordinary White Americans will finally wake up and realize that the transition to a non-White nation will foul up THEIR lives and not just the lives of their children and grandchildren, whom they don’t care about. Their precious Social Security will be stolen away by an enormous parasite population of Latinos, Indians and Pakis. Their precious Medicare benefits will also amount to nothing as the children of Mexicans will be maxing out the resources of every hospital in the nation. If you get cancer, you’ll be lucky to get enough morphine to keep the pain down until you die. Forget about getting treatment, the hospitals will be too busy helping Latino women give birth to the future majority population of America.

I hate to be this blunt about things, but apparently it is necessary. The mongrelization of America will affect YOU. Only the elderly will die off before it happens. Every young or middle-aged White reading this will become a victim of this enormous transfer of White taxpayer money to a giant swarm of needy Third World people.

And don’t believe the completely insane LIE that Mexicans will somehow “support” elderly Whites. Mexicans DRAIN tax revenue; they never add to it. Just look at the increasingly debt-ridden state of California. That is the future of America and it isn’t a bright and happy future.

We can turn things around and we MUST turn things around if we care about our own future (and the future of our White children). We need to demand that every politician will do his best to stop all Third World immigration and to start deporting the Third Worlders, who came here over the last forty years. We need to start voting for Third Party politicians if the two-party candidates won’t oppose the Third World invasion. The Zionist media and Organized Jewry in general will attack us for wanting to restore White America, they are the enemy of the White race, and they are largely responsible for the “browning” of America. The Jewish supremacists want to rule over a multi-racial brown America, that is too ignorant to ever rebel against them.
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