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Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo Explain the Latest Attack on President Trump’s Constitutional Right to Defend our Borders for Terrorists and Alien Miscreants!


Today Dr. Duke had attorney Don Advo as his guest for the hour. They talked about the case in the 9th Circuit Court blocking President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from certain countries. He first gave a background of the various relevant issues. Then he brought on Don Advo for an explanation of the legal basis for Trump’s executive order.

Don Advo quoted past court decisions making it perfectly clear that the government and the president have every right to determine what aliens are allowed in the country. He went on to describe how the Constitution does NOT give the courts the right to overturn laws or presidential actions, but rather this was a power that the Supreme court took for itself in 1803 with Marbury v. Madison, and that this power has expanded ever since.

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