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Hear Dr. Duke explain Jewish lies about “anti-Semitism”

Dr. David Duke has a dynamite show for Friday and it will certainly reach the ears and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe over the weekend and in the coming months and years on the Web.

Dr. Duke today exposes the lies of the vicious, hateful attacks against him by the Zio organizations in collusion with the Zio media, and shows how they work against anyone who exposes their hypocrisy.

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The two prominent organizations viciously attacking Dr. Duke are the ADL and the SPLC. It is no accident that they are organizations completely run by Jewish supremacists who support the real Jewish Supremacy over the American media, over government, over the elite academy and over the Federal Reserve and international banking.

The ADL says it’s for civil and “human rights” and yet supports the Zionist, supremacist, racial-cleansing and racially based State of Israel.

The ADL openly calls upon America and the world to support this racist state which has policies that are exactly the opposite from everything promoted by the ADL for America and Europe. Israel does everything that the ADL condemns in Europe and America, and far worse. Foxman has openly and blatantly supported the mass murder and maiming of over 20,000 Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza. Whole neighborhoods completely obliterated.

Dr. Duke speaks of the Jewish Zionist controlled SPLC under Mr. Cohen and Mr. Potok and its condemnation of David Duke for desiring the preservation of the European people and heritage, yet utters not a word of criticism that the most powerful, multi-million dollar Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, have million dollar programs to prevent Jewish intermarriage with gentiles! Why is David Duke then portrayed as evil racist and these powerful Jewish organizations actually supported by Cohen and Potok, who are mainly financed by Jewish big money.

The leaders of these Jewish organizations work for the Jewish racist agenda to be the dominant influence in government even though Jews are only 2 percent of the population, and they support the racially based ethnic state of Israel.

Why does the SPLC hate David Duke? For one thing he exposes their own Jewish racism and hypocrisy as well as showing how black people have complained that the Southern Poverty Law Center is neither Southern nor poor. In fact it is fat cash cow with 300 million dollars and supports the lavish lifestyle of its rich Jewish racist leadership. Their organization’s primary purpose is to vilify people like David Duke who exposes Jewish corruption in America.

Then Dr. Duke talks about a new article showing masses of Britons and others are being labeled anti-Semitic… a great expose of the hypocrisy of these Zionists. He shows how the supposed thoughts of anti-Semites on Jewish issues are actually clearly enunciated by Jewish leaders themselves. “Are they also anti-Semites?” Duke asks. A very powerful segment!

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