Ayn Rand — One more agent of our destruction!

Ayn Rand — Real name, Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum

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Ayn Rand — One More Agent of Our Destruction!

Recently, a listener to the Don Black –David Duke Radio Program wrote me to criticize my denunciation of the hyper-individualism of Ayn Rand accusing me of being a collectivist, much like the advocates of socialism, communism, fascism and the welfare state! Here is my answer.

Dear Bart,

Sorry we disagree here. But, yes, I believe in loyalty to more than self. I believe in a group loyalty, whether it be man and wife, man and family, man and community, man and nation, man and his race.

That doesn’t mean that there should be no individual rights. Our Constitution is a balance of those rights, the individual on one side and the community, nation state on the other.

If our race does not defend itself, advance its interests as a people we will go down to destruction. The reason why extremist Jews have been able to lead us to disaster is primarily the fact that too many of us have have been taught to believe it is evil to defend our own group, our own heritage, our own values, our own common interests.

You can call that collectivism if you want, but the American founding fathers believed that we had to stand together as Americans, not as a few scattered individuals against the might of the British Empire. Yes, we were motivated by individual rights, and we were motivated by our rights as 13 colonies united in a new nation.

As far as war is concerned…

There has always been war, and there will always be war. Just as there have always been conflicts that have led to violence between individuals. It is our duty to try to lesson those conflicts, to try to avoid war. But those who don’t band together and defend themselves will be conquered by those who do band together.

The fact that we have been in constant war over the last few years, and are now embroiled in a war on terror (or of terror) is precisely because the American people did not defend our basic interests as a people from the Jewish extremists who organized, coordinated and orchestrated a Mideast policy that led this country to 911 and the subsequent disaster of the Iraq War. Too many of our people acted as ultimate individualists advancing their own immediate political or media careers or corporate interests while the Jewish supremacists put their group interests and their Jewish Supremacist State, first.

Ayn Rand’s “virtue of selfishness” philosophy is certainly not practiced by the neocons or the Jewish rulers of media and campaign financing. Nor is it the dominant philosophy of Israel. Israel is not a nation of individuals, Jews and Palestinians, it is as you would say a, “collectivist” Jewish State dedicated to the advance and interests of the Jewish people. Ayn Randism is one more example of Jewish-originated ideas fostered on Gentiles while the organized Jewish community has the opposite view point. It is exactly like the long Jewish domination of the “open borders” movement for non-European immigration into the United States while they the Jewish State which has a Jewish only” immigration policy. These same Jewish extremist hypocrites support the individual choice of racial intermarriage in countless Jewish Hollywood films, but at the same time support all the major Jewish organizations that spend millions to oppose Jewish intermarriage. Of course, they support Israel a nation that does not allow the individual Jew to legally marry a non-Jew.

Ayn Rand’s individual selfishness and extreme individualism is not meant for Jewish consumption. It is meant for us, and too many of our people have swallowed it.

We have already been conquered in many ways by a united enemy who has banded together, and if we don’t band together now, we White people will perish from the earth. As White people perish and suffer as a group, you as an individual will suffer as well.

Our founding fathers recognized this. The biggest defender of individual rights, Thomas Jefferson, wrote of the deep differences between the races that would destroy America unless we separated. He was a defender of our people as were the writers of the Constitution, who as a body in one of the first legislative acts of the new American government limited immigration only to White Christians.

Using words like “collectivist” to define good common sense and brotherhood between our people is evidence of the damage done by people like Ayn Rand whose hyper-individual ethic has not been taken up by the Jewish extremists from whence she came, nor by the other races in or outside of Europe or America, but only by a number of European-Americans who are taught to pursue their egoist and selfish immediate, short-term  interests rather than the long term interests of the people and the community that make even their own existence possible.

As far as collectivism being the founding principle of the welfare state, of socialism, of communism, in a sense you are right. Most of those people who work for those outmoded ideas are motivated by the idea of doing good for people as whole. Problem is that their system does not work and violates the true nature of man.

But if you define collectivism as supporting the idea of a government or way of life good for the community as a whole, I would suggest that every one of our founding fathers was a “collectivist” as well. They respected individual rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, religion and opposed an abusive government. But they also had the idea that they could establish a government and system of government that would be bring freedom and prosperity to the great mass of the American people. They wanted to make it possible for the healthy, intelligent and hard-working man to rise as far as his ability provided. In doing so they devised a system which everyone lived under a common government, heritage, tradition, ideals and vision. Is that also collectivism? By yours and Ayn Rand’s narrow definition it is!

If you define collectivism as government coercion, control, denial of human rights of freedom of speech, property and the like, I am as opposed to collectivism as you are.

But to lump socialism, communism, National Socialism, fascism, welfare state, and even the idea that our people should ban together to defend their rights, and heritage and even their survival — as quote, “collectivism” is a silly notion.

More than that it is one more Jewish-originated idea that will lead us to our destruction as a people.

I  hope I have given you something to think about.


David Duke