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The New Jewish Question, or the "End of Guillaume Faye" by Jürgen Graf


By Jürgen Graf

Comments by David Duke: The following is an excellent article by my friend, Jürgen Graf. It is  about another friend of mine, Guillaume Faye. The article is academically critical of Guillaume Faye, but since its subject is essential to our struggle for European American heritage and rights, I want to share it with you here.

First of all, I must say that I admire the fact that Faye has spoken and written extensively against the immigration invasion; on that he and I can agree. But after many conversations with him, I can attest that he is very aware of the preeminent role of organized Jewry in the destruction of European mankind. Thereofore, in writing a book that essentially says that we should now give aid and support to Jewish extremists, he has crossed the line. He has told me repeatedly of the suffering he has endured from the Jewish supremacists for defending Europe. Perhaps he believes now that he can somehow avoid their enmity by joining with them in condemnation of those of us who speak the the truth about the Jewish question. I find that despicable. Such indecent collaboration with the enemy not only hurts our cause, it will not find him any real redemption in the Jewish-extremist press–a press that relentlessly defends immigration and supports the death of European mankind.

I do not demand that every European American activist speak about the matters of Jewish extremism as I do. I don’t expect every scientist of racial truth or every political person of our persuasion to talk openly about the Jewish extremist influence on the West. Anyone who does not want to address that issue head on is free to leave it out of their scientific, academic or political work. A good example is Jared Taylor of National Renaissance. Although he does not take a position on the preeminent Jewish role in the anti-White efforts of media, politics and academia,  and although he has had Jewish speakers, even rabbis at his conferences, he does not promote the lie that there has been no Jewish role in egalitarianism, or that somehow we should now support the same Jewish power structure that is wiping our heritage off of the map. That is the right way to do it. Speak about what you want to focus on, but don’t condemn those who go further in telling the truth about the real forces behind the racial disaster facing us.

As Professor MacDonald and I have documented, Jewish extremists have been at the heart of the movements that have brought on the crisis of existence we face as European mankind. They have been the originating and driving force behind Communism, egalitarianism, Freudianism, globalism, and multiculturalism, and they have led the effort to support massive non-European immigration into Euro-populated countries. They have been the most powerful single source behind both the ideological and the political push for the destruction of our people.

I would like to thank Fred Scrooby for translating Mr. Graf’s article. See the French and German versions here.

See also Dr. Robert Faurisson press release on Guillaume Faye here.


In the spring of 2005 I learned that the editors of the neo-pagan-oriented Russian journal, Atenei, had invited Guillaume Faye, one of the French nationalist right’s chief thinkers, to Russia in order to participate in discussions about future collaboration along the lines of a pan-European Euronationalist movement [“mouvement identitaire pan-européen”]. I was delighted at the news. Up to that time I had read two books by Faye, published by L’Aencre: Archaeofuturism, 1998, and The Colonization of Europe, 2000, together amounting to a masterly study of the alien invasion’s catastrophic consequences. Reading these works convinced me the author was a valuable political analyst and talented writer. So I was very much looking forward to meeting him.

Faye arrived in Moscow in May, 2005, accompanied by two compatriots. As expected, he proved interesting to talk to, having encyclopedic knowledge of French politics in general and the different strands of nationalist thought in particular. During his visit he was to give two lectures, at Moscow and St. Petersburg, which unfortunately I was unable to attend.

At the time, the Russians who invited him expected to make him director of an international racial-nationalist association but quickly realized his grave personal defects made him unsuitable for the position — to which he himself, by the way, had never aspired: he was always satisfied in the role of “ideologue.”

In June 2006 he came to Moscow again to take part in a conference organized by Atenei, on the subject of “The White World’s Future.” His talk’s title was “From Geopolitics to Ethnopolitics.”[1] Yann-Ber Tillenon, Pierre Krebs and Pierre Vial were the three other French participants.[2]

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