2014 a critical year for our movement

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — As we enter the new year, I feel a mixture of optimism and urgency. I am optimistic because I see our message making progress. This progress is not just in terms of the message reaching more people but also in terms of it becoming even more refined and persuasive. I hear the Zio-establishment brand more and more prominent people as “sounding like David Duke,” while at the same time I am increasingly often finding bloggers or regular people on Youtube videos speaking out against the Zio-establishment using terms and evidence first brought before the public by Dr. Duke. There is no doubt that we are making progress.h

At the same time, I feel great apprehension about the future. We have been making this breakthrough due to the new medium of the internet, but there is no guarantee that it will remain the wild wild west that it has been since it started being used by the public in the 1990s. The Zio-establishment is increasingly exercising control over important choke points. Have you noticed how much more difficult it has become to establish an account with Youtube, for instance. Youtube has been acquired by Google, which requires you to set up a Google account. The Google account requires some sort of user verification, which may be another email account but increasingly is becoming a phone number. I recently tried to sign into a Yahoo email account that I established a while back as a receptacle for unwanted messages from merchants and sites requiring email verification, but Yahoo insisted I supply a phone number in order to verify my identity on an existing account! It seems that choke points are developing in the internet, and those choke points, which can be in the form of websites, software, or infrastructure, that are not already in the hands of the Zio-establishment are coveted by them.

The point is that unless we can have our awakening and freely call out Jewish supremacist machinations in the internet, the rest of the media, and society in general, the wild wild west days for the net are numbered. And without the internet, the chances of an awakening are remote. This is why it is so important for everyonebelieving in our cause to support our work now, while we have momentum and while we have this opening. We need funds to maintain and expand the outlets for our critical information. We need to be able to host Dr. Duke’s videos on DavidDuke.com so that Youtube cannot shut off public access to these educational gems. We need to deliver the David Duke Show through as many media as possible, including satellite radio and cable television in countries around the world. We need to print Dr. Duke existing books as well as forthcoming books in quantities that keep prices affordable. So 2014 is crucial. Yes, we have the message. Yes, we have the momentum. But how long will we have this opening?