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Media Coverup of Horrendous Hate Crime

Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian –victims of the alleged perpetrators at right

Media Coverup of a Horrendous Hate Crime

Shocking Torture, Rape and Murder of White Couple Exposes Racist Media

Commentary by David Duke

Most people reading this have never heard the names of the young White couple at the University of Tennessee who were brutally raped, tortured and murdered by five African Americans. They were Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Practically everyone in America has heard the name of James Byrd, Jr., the African American ex-con who was murdered by three White ex-cons in Jasper, Texas. There have been profiles of Byrd and his murder and the dragging of his body on dozens of national TV programs in America, Canada, and Europe and around the world. His grieving family was interviewed frequently on national news programs and his funeral was attended by leading politicians and dignitaries from all over America and many foreign countries. After Byrd met his death in 1998, the aspects of the murder and the trial of the perpetrators made front page news for almost two years. Since that time hardly a month has gone by without major news stories and commentaries about the Byrd killing. A search of Google News shows that articles still appear about this extremely rare case in which Whites killed a Black. In the Galveston Daily News there was a story on March 9 revealing an opening of a major photo exhibit dealing with the Byrd case.

In the Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom case, a young White couple was kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered. Four Black males and one Black female brutally raped Channon while Christopher was beaten and forced to look on, then the Black attackers cut Christopher’s penis off and he was set afire. The five Blacks beat and raped Channon, sodomized her, forced oral sex upon her, cut off her breasts and poured toxic cleaning fluid down her mouth in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence. Channon’s and Christopher’s body parts were recovered a few days later.

Here a summary of the horrendous crime by a writer who has researched it thoroughly:

“Newsom was kidnapped, raped and beaten. According to reports, his penis was then cut off before he was shot several times and set on fire, all while his girlfriend watched. His body was then dumped alongside train tracks. Christian was kept alive and gang-raped multiple times over a span of four days. Her breast was cut off while she was still alive and her kidnappers sprayed cleaning fluid into her mouth to cleanse it of DNA. Her body was then put into a garbage can.” — from The Diamondback newspaper at the University of Maryland

I and every American condemn the brutal murder of James Byrd, but we must also condemn the media that make an international story of White ex-cons killing a Black ex-con (who was in and out of prison 7 times), but that somehow find the story of the brutal torture, rape and murder of a young White couple not worthy of a line of news coverage outside of Knoxville. I even went back and looked at the local Knoxville news coverage of the Newsom and Christian murder and compared it to the local Knoxville coverage at the time of the Byrd case. I found that even in Knoxville itself coverage of Byrd’s murder a thousand miles away in Texas received far more coverage than this brutal torture, rape and slaying. Covering James Byrd’s death was more important to the local press than the murder of two of Knoxville’s own in the town where they lived, fell in love, went to university and where they met one of the most horrible deaths one could imagine.

President Clinton called the killing of Byrd an “act of evil” that was “shocking and outrageous.” “Our work for racial reconciliation and . . . an end to all crimes of hatred in this country will go on,” he promised.

There has been not a single word from any nationally known person (other than me) on this case. In truth, I am certain that the incredible attention given the Byrd killing contributed to this hate crime in Knoxville. In fact, White on Black crime is only a tiny fraction of Black on White crime, but whenever interracial crime is portrayed in movies or on TV programs, in documentaries or even in national news stories — it almost always concerns White against Black crimes. Constant recital of White wrongs against African Americans from slavery to the present day only increases hatred against Whites in a racial group that already commits about ten times per capita more violent crimes than Whites do. In terms of cross race crimes, Blacks rape White women 100 times more often than Whites rape Blacks. If that sounds incorrect to you, Google the Color of Crime Report which shows the precise federal crime figures that prove exactly what I say. In terms of gang attacks, for every one Black attacked by multiple assailants or gangs, 200 whites are attacked by Blacks. It is not hateful or racist to discuss the facts on these matters. The White victims of non-White crime deserve just as much attention as the very small number Black victims of White crime. If Whites were raping Black women a 100 to 1, there would be marches in the streets, nonstop documentaries exposing what would be described as racist attacks against Black women. Don’t White women deserve just as much respect and security as our society would provide Black women?

After the Byrd killing, I received hundreds of letters from White students around the country recounting that Black toughs would scream “James Byrd” as they attacked White students in schools and on the streets.

In fact, the huge media coverage of the Byrd murder and the national blackout on any news of the Christian-Newsom rape, torture and murder shows how the media has a racist viewpoint toward White people. The lives Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are simply not as important, not as newsworthy as the life of James Byrd. Somehow the loss of these two young White lives is less important than the life of an African American habitual criminal such as James Byrd. If millions of European Americans face institutional racial discrimination in jobs, or scholarships, or promotions, government and media say in effect, “So what?” If an African American merely alleges discrimination racism or discrimination against him, it’s a proverbial federal case!

The argument used by the press in the Byrd coverage was that this kind of crime should be publicized so that action is taken to stop such offenses. If that is so then why do the media cover up thousands of crimes against Whites that equal or even eclipse what happened to James Byrd? Shouldn’t the plague of horrendous offenses against White people be brought to our attention so that we can take action needed to save lives in the future. In truth, the excessive coverage of James Byrd only produced more crimes against innocent Whites by Blacks who are driven to hatred by the chronic portrayal of White racism and evil in the media. Perhaps Blacks should also understand the human cost of violence against innocent White people. To Paraphrase Shakespeare, “Doth not a White bleed when pricked?”

I am the public figure more identified with the term “racist” than any other, but as always, when it comes to media, everything is turned around. I think the horrendous murder of anyone is wrong and I think murder or crime of any kind should be covered by the media on the basis on the act itself and not on the race of the perpetrator or victim. The epidemic of non-White crime on White people across the United States must be reported fairly and accurately. –David Duke

Here is an excellent article on the crimes in Knoxville and the media bias concerning them by a woman with liberal and feminist credentials but who has reported fairly on this horrible crime in her college newspaper.

Diamondback Online — Independent Daily Student Newspaper of the University of Maryland

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