Dr. David Duke Refutes the Jewish Forward and Defends His University

The administration building of the largest Ukranian university, MAUP, which the Jewish extremists seek to destroy

David Duke replies to attacks by the Jewish Forward on MAUP in Ukraine

In “David Duke teaches anti-Semitism 101 at Ukranian University,” the prominent Jewish newspaper, The Forward, attacks me and the university where I lecture in Kiev, Ukraine. It is the largest university in Ukraine, MAUP, and as The Forward states:

The school was founded in 1989 as a private alternative to Ukraine’s public university. It now has about 57,000 students. Courses on business and agriculture are taught on a leafy campus that is decked with only a slight overdose of blue and yellow Ukrainian flags.

The university has achieved the highest academic recognition awarded in the nation of Ukraine. It is recognized by the UN and other international bodies of University accreditation and it has educated more high government officials of Ukraine than any other. Up until the Jewish pressure of last year even President Yushchenko, served on its governing board.

MAUP allows its professors academic free speech. Like any large university, MAUP professors represent a wide range of opinion. The reason why the Zionists are trying to destroy the university is because the university president, Dr. Schokin, as well as a number of tenured professors at the university are critical of Zionism, and have held conferences and published books on the subject.

The Jewish extremists are determined to shut down any speech and destroy any person that dares to expose them, so they now pursue a vicious campaign to destroy the largest university in Ukraine as well as ruin Dr. Schokin.

Of course, if the Jewish extremists are successful they will deprive over 50,000 of the best and brightest Ukrainian students from getting affordable university training and prevent this nation which is emerging from communism, from getting the skilled graduates it needs. But, no matter, the interests of the Jewish power brokers are obviously to be put ahead of any other interest no how beneficial it may be to a nation.

The Forward article blasts me and Dr. Schokin as “anti-Semitic.” Anti-Semite is a epithet that both of us reject, for as both Dr. Schokin and I have repeatedly stated, we don’t oppose all Jews, but we do oppose Jewish extremists and supremacists. In a world today of great Jewish power in finance, media and government one can criticize Muslim extremism or elements of radical White racism and extremism, but if one dares to expose the world’s most virulent ethnic extremism, Zionism, a power whose adherents have great influence on the world stage, one is condemned as an “anti-Semite.”

It makes no matter that Davidduke.com and MAUP publishes and promotes the books and articles of many Jewish writers, for if you dare to criticize elements of Jewish extremism and the criminal actions of Israel, the Jewish-dominated media will slander you as an anti-Semite (usually defined as one who opposes all Jews) and your basic human rights of expression and free speech will be attacked.

The Forward article poorly translates Dr. Schokin as saying:

Schokin laid out his philosophy in a lecture titled “Dialogue of Civilizations,” which he presented at a 2002 conference. In bombastic academic language, Schokin explained that Jews around the world are aiming for the “creation, above all, of an extensive and multi-branch network of secret societies coordinated from a single center and based on man-hating principles, ‘consecrated’ by appropriate religious and historical legends and traditions, the core and pivot of which reside in the doctrine of racial ‘selectness,’ and a maniacal dedication to and enthusiasm for the ‘super-idea’ of world supremacy.”

Essentially, Dr. Schokin and I have written extensively about extensive Jewish networks around the world that support Israel in the face of Israeli crimes against humanity in the Mideast. We have shown how they manipulate governments such as the United States with powerful lobbies, campaign financing, and media.

The point can well be made that the Iraq War was primarily driven by powerful Jewish influence in media and politics. Israeli partisans such as Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle were the chief promoters of the war, and their Jewish extremist allies in the Pentagon, such CIA official in charge of Iraq, Stuart Cohen, provided the bogus intelligence, while other Jewish extremists in the press pushed for the war in spite of the obvious fact that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Even professors at the most prestigious school of government in the United States, the Harvard University JFK School of Government, now say almost exactly what I say. In their recent paper, “Israel and U.S. Foreign Policy,” Walt and Mearsheimer expose the powerful Jewish forces who are dictating US policy around the world. The Forward article will also show how they dictate policies toward Ukraine!

As far as racial “selectness” (sic) is concerned, “selectness” a nonexistent word that The Forward makes up, any fair researcher can discover quite readily the extreme ethnocentrism that exists in the Jewish community, and anyone can research the Talmud and Halachah and learn the core hatred of non-Jewish humanity (Jewish law accepted by 90 percent of the religious Jews in the world). I urge readers to go to read my recent article on Halachic Law or simply the Daat Emet website in Israel and learn how basic Jewish scripture teaches that non-Jews are “not men,” i.e., not human beings but animals. You can even read an article by a Jewish scholar on that very subject on the Daat Emet site, “Only Jews are men.”

Obviously the Jewish extremists don’t want Gentiles to learn about this hateful racism. This Jewish racism is far more extreme than anything that even Hitler said or wrote. In Mein Kampf, Hitler recounts seeing a ear-locked, caftaned Jew as young man and asks, is this a Jew, is this a German? Jewish Law at its core goes way beyond distinguishing between nationalities. It says that a Gentile is not only not a Jew but is not even a man, only an animal. If you are a new listener or reader, before you dismiss what I say — check it out for yourself. You will find I am absolutely accurate.

The Forward writes the following:

Duke has become a regular at the university, the Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management, which is known by its Ukrainian acronym, MAUP. Last year, Duke was a featured speaker at the university’s conference, “Zionism: Threat to World Peace,” and he has received both a doctorate and an honorary doctorate from the Ukrainian school. This time around, Duke’s talk in front of university administrators drew particular attention to MAUP’s legal battles with its Jewish critics.

“The Jewish extremists — the Zionists — they don’t want there to be academic freedom in this country, or political freedom in this country,” Duke said in a speech that was also broadcast on his personal Web site. “This university and your students and faculty are resisting this attack.”

Duke was referring to what has become an intense legal tug of war between MAUP on one side and Jewish activists and western governments on the other. The United States State Department has labeled MAUP the leading purveyor of anti-Semitic material in Ukraine. The American and Israeli embassies in Kiev, along with Jewish organizations, have lobbied the Ukrainian government to take a number of steps to force out the school’s current leadership.

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko resigned from his place on MAUP’s board last December. Members of the United States Congress debated the situation during negotiations over a American-Ukrainian trade bill. And Vadim Rabinowitz, a media magnate and a leader of the Jewish community in Ukraine, has been the target of repeated lawsuits.

Notice how right after trying to make Dr. Schokin look stupid with poorly translated quotes meant to ridicule his assertion that Jewish radicals have great power in the world, The Forward then informs us how Jews all over the world are using their great influence in an effort to force out the leadership of the university and/or destroy the institution.

What does a U.S. trade agreement with Ukraine have to do with the political beliefs of the administrators of a private university in Ukraine? The article essentially admits that the U.S., influenced by Jewish interests, is blackmailing Ukraine into to acting illegally to shut down a private university, the largest in the country! This action is a perfect example of the networking power of the Jewish extremists around the world in their attempts to stifle free speech.

Here are a couple of additional interesting quotes from The Forward:

Little of the enmity and courtroom machinations is evident on a visit to MAUP’s campus in suburban Kiev.

It is at the upper echelons where the university is becoming consumed by the ever-widening campaign to expose the perceived misdeeds of the Jews. Last year, the president of the university, George Schokin, founded a political party, the Ukrainian Conservative Party, which had an election list stacked with MAUP professors. While the Ukrainian officials rejected a request from the Israeli government to ban Schokin from the elections, the party garnered only .09% of the vote, far from the minimum needed for a seat.

Where does Israel or the organized Jewish community think it has the right to try to stop freedom of speech and political freedom in another nation? Israel demanded that Schokin and his party be banned in Ukraine. Is there any nation of Europe that would dare to demand that another nation restrict its internal political freedom? Israel and the Jewish extremists obviously think that have that right, and they certainly do have the power. They can’t always simply demand and get their way, but they have other ways to exert their power over other nations. They have already used their power to completely dominate the American political and media establishment and prevent even a discussion of issues critical to the well being of United States and many other nations, such as our disastrous, Israeli-controlled Mideast Policy.

Now they are trying to do the same thing in Ukraine where they are in the process of consolidating their power. Unfortunately, their blackmail and strong-arm tactics are somewhat succeeding. Here’s the quote from The Forward:

The pressure on MAUP has been increasing during the past year. The school was drawn into negotiations earlier this year in the United States over the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, a piece of legislation that restricted America’s trade relations with Ukraine. According to Jewish activists, when Congress was deciding whether to end these restrictions on Ukraine, the decision became linked to the Ukrainian government’s promise to rein in MAUP.

“We’ve been pressing the government on this for a long time,” said Mark Levin, executive director of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry.

The Ukrainian government has not ignored these requests. The government’s ministry of education has shut down a number of MAUP’s regional branches over the past few months.

What is happening in Ukraine can happen to any nation. It happened to Switzerland in the bogus Jewish Swiss Bank Accounts case. Jews were able to get the American government and courts to essentially blackmail the Swiss to face economic ruin or give into the one of the most horrendous cases of extortion in history.

Jewish extremism, supremacy, and power are real. If they continue to have power over our nations, there cannot be freedom. And, as you can see by the Jewish extremist promotion of the “Clash of Civilizations,” there will be increased terrorism, destruction, hatred and war across the planet unless we free ourselves from their pernicious power.

David Duke