13 Counties and Millions of People Want to Form New State

By Jeff Davis. A Yahoo news article reports: “An effort to turn 13 southern California counties into the nation’s 51st state took a small step forward Tuesday but remains an extremely long shot, say experts. Four members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to allow a fifth member to convene a statewide meeting on the subject in the fall. Each of the four supervisors stated their objections to the secession idea, but went ahead and approved the idea of at least talking about it when Supervisor Jeff Stone said he would personally see to it that private funding, not public money, would be used to hold the meeting.”

There’s the first obstacle democracy throws in the way of genuinely popular and democratic initiatives: trying to make it too expensive to change anything.

Back to Yahoo: “Since the days of the gold rush, more than 220 campaigns to split California into halves or thirds have been tossed around. Mr. Stone’s vision involves persuading 13 counties to secede from the state, which he says raids local coffers to plug budget gaps.”

Fancy way of saying that some of the last productive White people in California want to break away from the cesspool that illegal Mexicans, blacks, and liberals have made of the rest of the state.

Yahoo: “Stone’s idea has some merit, some [Republican] analysts say. It addresses the problematic balance of power between Sacramento and California localities, as well as the political reality that the 13 counties in Stone’s secession drive are far more conservative [read White and Republican] than the rest of the state. But the vision remains legally and politically unrealistic, many add, and is perhaps not the best solution to the problems it seeks (to) address.”

Notice the liberal editorializing inserted into this news story to put down a perfectly reasonable idea.

Yahoo: ‘Even if everyone in the 13 counties approved of partition, it would still require the approval of the California Legislature. Though theoretically possible, such approval is practically impossible,’ says Jack Pitney, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College.”

In other words, there’s no way in hell the Democrats are going to allow any White taxpayers/slaves to escape the liberal government in Sacramento …so much for representation.

More Yahoo: “Stone’s South California would not include Los Angeles. In addition to Riverside County, the counties targeted for secession would be Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Tulare, which include about 13 million people total. Republicans account for the majority of registered voters in all but two of the 13 counties – San Bernardino and Imperial. For that reason, the idea has merit, says Robert Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies He says the real division would not one between northern and southern California, but internal and coastal California. “This would divide the state in a way that makes political sense: liberals in coastal California and conservatives in east California,” he adds.
‘It would allow the liberals to increase taxes to pay for those services they want, and the conservatives to reduce regulations and taxes in their state.’”

That’s actually a compelling reason for liberals to split the state: The possibility of a liberal super-majority in Sacramento. Right now, the Republicans have just enough votes to block liberal tax increases. If they cut loose South California, then the Sacramento government will be able to pass every tax they want, get rid of Proposition 13 (which limits property taxes) and literally pillage the few remaining Whites so the government can transfer all their money to non-Whites.