God Bless Our Boys and Bring Them Home Now!

By David Duke. The conventional war with Iraq is over. With well over 100 Americans already dead and hundreds more wounded in the Iraq war, and with hundreds of thousands of Americans in harms way in the occupation of Iraq at this moment, I must begin this broadcast by saying, “May God bless our boys and bring them home soon!” The three words intoned by most Americans are “Support our troops,” and I believe every American both pro and anti-war has that sentiment.

It is my belief that we will lose far more Americans in the next few months of occupation than we did in the conventional war.

The big question is, “What is the best way to support our troops?” And the follow up questions are: “Was the Iraq War, a war waged for the interests of the United States and thus worth the lives of our loyal military men and women?” Is this war worth hundreds of billions of dollars that the American taxpayer must fork over? Now that Saddam is gone, is the occupation worth more American lives and hundreds of billions of additional dollars?

When I studied the history of war as an ROTC cadet at LSU, I learned perhaps the most famous historical quote on war. It was made by General Von Clauswitz. He said, “War is an extension of politics.”

That has always been true and it is true today. The problem is, of course, that politicians don’t always to the right thing. They can make big mistakes. They can make tragic errors, and when the politicians get us involved in an unnecessary war, in addition to needlessly sacrificing many of our military men and women, the war can actually lessen our freedom and our security at home.

In fact, Politicians can betray our fighting men as they did in the Vietnam fiasco. In retrospect it is clear that we should never have gotten involved in the Vietnam War. But an even worse travesty was to send hundreds of thousands of our troops into an Asian ground war and then not let them fight to win. That was a cruel betrayal of the 50,000 dead and hundreds of thousands wounded. And, we still have not gotten a full accounting of hundreds of American troops who were missing in action. There can be no greater betrayal than what the politicians did in the case of American P.O.W. ‘S and M.IA.’S in Vietnam.

Politics has more impact on the safety and well-being of our courageous military men than anything else. And American freedom demands that we must use our voice to examine the politics that lead us to war.

Let me give you a powerful example how politicians can endanger our troops. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was recently on television raging at the fact that Iraqi television had photographed and filmed American P.O.W. ‘S and how this act was a violation of the Geneva Convention. He promised war crimes trials for the Iraqis. Of course, in this war, and in the Afghanistan war just a few months earlier, enemy P.O.W.’ S were repeatedly shown on American television. When an American spokesman makes such hypocritical statements, it is no wonder the rest of the world doesn’t trust us anymore.

Just a few months ago, the world also saw some unauthorized photos, taken by American soldiers, of the transportation of Afghanistan prisoners of war to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These prisoners were strung up like pigs for a grueling 20 hour trip. Their hands were tightly tied behind them, their bodies bound and suspended by ropes, their heads covered by black hoods. One can imagine their physical agony during the long journey. Take a look at the photo, can you imagine the righteous outcry if American troops were treated in that manner?

A recent, March 7, headline in the respected British newspaper, the Guardian, read, “Afghan Prisoners Beaten to Death at US Military Interrogation Base.” [1] It discussed that fact that a number of prisoners in Afghanistan were tortured to death by Coalition forces.

I mention this to show how politicians can by their actions endanger our own military men. Those atrocities did not simply harm and endanger the Afghanistan prisoners of war; their actions have now seriously endangered every American prisoner of war right now and in the future.

I will quote from an article entitled, “Iraq prisoners pose new test for Geneva Conventions,” by the Christian Science Monitor on March 26[2]

WASHINGTON – American soldiers now being held as prisoners of war in Iraq had nothing to do with the Bush administration’s decision many months ago not to grant prisoner-of-war status to Taliban fighters detained by the US in its war on terrorism. But American POWs may face a tougher time in Iraqi captivity because of it.

“What everyone is learning in Iraq is what many of us said in Afghanistan: The Geneva Conventions are profoundly important to American servicemen and women,” says Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch. “Respecting the conventions preserves our ability to complain when the rights of Americans are abused.”

Now Rumsfeld and Bush are talking about starting military tribunals to try and execute Iraqis for war crimes. Are they so stupid as not to see that we are encouraging our enemies in any future conflict to summarily try and execute our own captured men and women as quote, “war criminals”? This is why the greatest American general of the last century, General George Patton, was so much opposed to the principle of so-called, war crimes trials. He knew that such policies would only endanger American fighting men in the future.

Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush, the men ultimately responsible for our military policy in Afghanistan have themselves have put our own captured military men in danger in the Iraq War.

In the name of quote “supporting our troops,” few people in America spoke out against those American politicians who callously violated the Geneva Convention in Afghanistan. But, in fact, their silence has actually endangered our troops who now find themselves captured by the Iraqis in this war.

Right now, the Iraq war is winding down. American forces are now mopping up and they will be doing so for the next few months. Occupation will be far more dangerous than the conventional war that overturned the government of Saddam Hussein. As foreign occupiers, it will be impossible for our boys to know who is friendly and who is not. Thousands of Iraqis troops knowingly committed suicide by standing their ground against our enormously superior military invasion. There are thousands of Iraqis and other Mideasterners who at this very moment burn with a murderous hatred toward the foreign occupiers of an Arab nation. As the occupation goes on, individual and small groups of Americans will face partisan activity that I believe will take a greater toll of American lives than the conventional war did. Have we forgotten the 241 Marines who killed in Lebanon by one suicide bomber?

The whole Iraqi War and occupation is working against every true interest of the United States. It is causing millions of people all over the world to hate America with a passion that will lead to violence and terrorism against American troops and American civilians overseas and at home. It is costing countless billions of American Tax dollars. It increases political instability in dozens of nations which will certainly lead to the creation of many anti-American regimes, and it will even cause regimes that are thought favorable to us, to adopt policies that will directly harm the vital interests of the United States.

This war is the crowning achievement of the Israeli-Firsters who have hijacked our foreign policy and made it an instrument of strategic interests of Israel rather than the United States of America. The true reason for this war can be learned from exposing its most famous architect: Richard Perle. In 1970, the Federal Bureau of Investigation caught Richard Perle passing US secrets to Israel.[1] Perle went on to have a major role in 1996, long before the current push for war, in writing a report titled: A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. (http://www.israeleconomy.org/strat1.htm) It called for fracturing Iraq and removing Saddam as an important strategic interest of Israel. It was written not for the United States but for the incoming Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Who were the leading hawks promoting the U.S. war against Iraq and support enveloping the whole Mideast in war by going after Syria, Iran and even American allies such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt? They were none other than the so called Neo-cons, or Neo-conservatives, a group dominated by Jewish former Communists who now dominate much of the so-called conservative movement in America. Even the mainstream media admits that two men most credited with the drive toward a war with Iraq are two radical Jewish supremacists and Likud supporters, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. Jewish publications routinely admit the dominant Jewish role. I will quote from the Jewish Chronicle of April 11, 2003. The article is titled: Neo-cons’ want Syrian régime change by Joseph Millis. I quote:

A group of Bush Administration hawks, many of them Jewish, has begun openly portraying Syria as the next candidate for “régime change” in the Middle East…

They go on,

…Widely described in Washington political and media circles as the “Neo-conservatives” — “Neo-cons,” for short — the group includes deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, a close adviser to Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Among other leading lights are William Kristol, editor of the right-wing Weekly Standard, who is close to Vice-President Dick Cheney, and the syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer.

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” at the weekend, Mr Wolfowitz reiterated US allegations that the régime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had been allowing military equipment and fighters into Iraq to support its fight against US and British forces. “There’s got to be a change in Syria,” he said…

So here the Jewish Chronicle admits the Jewish Neo-con role behind the Iraq War, a war for Israel. A war using American weapons, American lives, American money to fight for Israel’s interest, a war that will harm America’s interests in every conceivable way. And now they are pushing for the next war for Israel, the next invasion paid for by you and your sons and daughters.

The unfolding of the war has shown that Iraq never was a real threat to use quote, “weapons of mass destruction” against America. Even if small caches of leftover chemical weapons are found, the fact is that none were used against American troops. Saddam never used any of them against American forces even after Iraq was massively invaded and President Bush openly stated that America was coming to kill Saddam and his whole family. Bush and his spokesmen said that Saddam didn’t use them because they he would have been condemned by the international community had he done so! If that is true, he certainly would not have used them or any Iraqi originated terrorism in peacetime against America knowing of the international condemnation and the absolute military destruction that would have followed. The major reason for the war, that Iraq was a threat to America, is now proven to be a sham, it was simply the excuse used for the Jewish Neocons and their allies in government and media used to fire up the war for Israel. That must be obvious now to anyone who is open-minded on the issue.

Once American young men became engaged in combat, of course, the natural concern of the safety of our troops brings out patriotic sentiment, as would happen in any nation at war. At that point, the Jewish-dominated, pro-Israel, pro-war media launched a tremendous propaganda campaign about liberating Iraq and how the war is about freedom. That’s not what the American people or the world was told when this war started, but it became the rational for the war.

Forcing our own brand of freedom on other countries is not a reason for the United States to sacrifice hundreds of lives, countless billions of dollars, hurt American businesses and diplomatic interests all over the world, and produce enormous hatred against America that will make us face more terrorism in the future.

If we are going to go to war for our concept of freedom for Iraq and all over the world, then we will have to spend millions of American lives and completely bankrupt the treasury and economy of the United States. If the quote “freedom argument” is valid, then we will have to wage countless wars against nations all over the earth.

And what about freedom? A good friend of mine said that he was glad to hear that we were going to install a truly free press and a government in Iraq that truly served the Iraqi people.

He said he wanted to go there and see what that is like.

Our very nation was founded by the first and most important principle of freedom, that principle is Independence as stated in our founding document, the Declaration of Independence. That is simply the right of our people to have a government solely in our own interest and not controlled by a foreign power, in the case of colonies that foreign power was England. Today that foreign power is Israel, for agents of Israel and Jewish supremacism now unduly influence our foreign policy and even embroil us in wars that hurt rather than help our own nation. The Iraq War and occupation is a war against America. It is a betrayal of loyal Americans in uniform who are put in harms way every day in a foreign land. May God Bless Our Boys and bring them home now! And may God give us the strength to see to it that there will be no more wars for Israel.

This has been David Duke and these are a few of my latest thoughts.


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