$1.2 Trillion: U.S. Defense Budget, Equivalent to Budget Deficit

The entire U.S. Defense spend for 2012 amounts to some $1.2 trillion, or approximately one-third of the entire budget and almost 100 percent of the projected budget deficit. The vast majority of the $1.2 trillion is allocated to military spend “overseas” and of, that, a majority is spent waging wars which are not in America’s interest, but in Israel’s.

This $1.2 trillion does not include the $3.1 billion given to Israel as “military aid.” The baseline request for the Department of Defense (DOD) is $558 billion. The supplemental request to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is $118 billion.

The request for the Department of Energy’s development and housing of nuclear weapons is $19.3 billion. DOD has $7.8 billion requested for “Miscellaneous.” The State Department requests $8.7 billion for counterterrorism programs.

 An additional $71.6 billion is requested for homeland security counterterrorism, including $18.1 billion for DOD and $53.5 billion for the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services.

 National Intelligence Programs are budgeted for $53.1 billion. The Department of Veterans Affairs requests $129.3 billion to treat wounded veterans, a figure that is climbing exponentially as soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental and emotional traumas.

The foreign affairs budget, including both its military and counterterrorism components, is $18 billion. Payments to military and DOD civilian retirees are budgeted at $68.5 billion. Interest on the national debt attributed to past borrowing to fund the Pentagon is $185 billion.

This brings the national security budget of the United States to the staggering figure of $1.2 trillion.

As can be seen from these figures, the vast majority of the outlays have been caused directly by the subversion of American foreign policy by the Jewish extremists and their “lobby” in favor of Israel.

The full extent of the financial cost of Zionist control of the U.S.’s foreign policy can be seen if the cost of securing America’s borders—which should be the prime focus of a healthy government—is compared to the military outlay caused by the foreign military commitment.

If the U.S. military concerned itself solely with protecting American territory, the national security budget could be slashed by 75% to $300 billion annually without impairing the safety of the United States from foreign attack.

Such a development would in fact reduce the terrorist threat to America.

The only reason why the U.S. faces a “terrorist threat” is because it is so closely allied to Israel, which in turn commits atrocities its Arab neighbors.

This in turn, provides the fuel for terrorism against America. In other words, Americans pay twice for their subservience to the Jewish Supremacist lobby: firstly by having their tax money spent on Israel, and secondly by having to defend themselves against Israel’s enemies.