Zio-Supremacist Puppets Fail to Stop U.N. Resolution on Israel’s Nukes

The governments which are totally under the sway of the Jewish Supremacists—as opposed to those who are just influenced by the Jewish lobby—were revealed this week when the United Nations took a vote calling on Israel to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities and sign up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Those voting “no” to the resolution were the U.S., Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. Israel, of course, also voted no, but the resolution was passed by a vote of 174-6 with 6 abstentions.

The abstentions were from European nations like Germany and Britain who are just “influenced” by the Zionist Supremacists, and too scared to openly go up against them.

The resolution, approved on Monday, marks a major reverse for the Jewish Supremacists and a failure of their concerted campaign to smear Iran as a “dangerous nuclear power”.

The lies that the Zio-Supremacists have spewed out over Iran’s mythical “atom bomb” have utterly failed to convince anyone –except their puppet regimes—and have now completely backfired as everyone has come to realize that the only true nuclear weapon rogue state in the Middle East is Israel.

The resolution came about after the Jewish Supremacists succeeded in canceling a high-level conference to ban nuclear weapons from the Middle East.

Just before vote, Iranian diplomat Khodadad Seifi told the assembly “the truth is that the Israeli regime is the only party which rejected to conditions for a conference.”

Syrian diplomat Abdullah Hallak told the assembly his government was angry that the conference wasn’t going to take place because of “the whim of just one party, a party with nuclear warheads.”

“We call on the international community to put pressure on Israel to accept the NPT, get rid of its arsenal and delivery systems, in order to allow for peace and stability in our region,” he said.

According to news reports, all the Arab nations and Iran had planned to attend the conference in mid-December in Helsinki, Finland, but the Zio-puppet United States regime announced on Nov. 23 that it wouldn’t take place, citing “political turmoil in the region” (now who could have caused that?) and, incredibly, what they said was “Iran’s defiant stance on nonproliferation.”

The latter argument is of course a typical Jewish Supremacist lie and a technique for which they have long become known:  take something they are doing, invert it, and accuse someone else of doing it, making the lie so outrageous that people will believe it just because it is so outrageous.

(Illustration: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin lies to the U.N. about Iranian “atom bombs” with his “red line” drawing. In reality, Israel possesses the Mideast’s only nuclear weapons program).