Why Obama is the Jewish Neocons' Dream President!

By David Duke. Take a look at this front page headline from a leading Greek newspaper Avriani. It hails Obama’s election victory as “the end of Jewish domination of the U.S.”

There could not be a more perfect U.S President for the Neocon/Zionist agenda than a U.S. President whose political career was orchestrated entirely by Jewish extremists, and yet he is perceived by the world as “ending Jewish domination of the U.S.”.

Such a persona enables Obama to do even more for the radical Zionist agenda because of the perception that he is a real departure from the Jewish Neocon American policy. But, in reality, is he a real change, or more of the same?

What are the facts of Obama’s relationship with Jewish extremist power in the United States?

1) Obama received twice the funding of Jewish-dominated international finance than did his opponent John McCain. A perfect example is the fact that he has long been bought by perhaps the most famous, historical Jewish international financial firm on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, which was his largest single contributor to his campaign for President.

According to FEC documents he received twice the money in contributions from the FEC categories of Investment and Security Firms, Other Financial Institutions, and Commercial Banks than did John McCain. Other than from legal firms (of which there are hundreds of thousands), his biggest single category of contributions came from the mostly Jewish International banking and finance firms, a staggering 21.2 million dollars.  You can find the FEC documentation for this on www.opensecrets.org.

The Jewish-dominated media routinely misdirects us away from the real reigns of power in America. Consider how there are endless numbers of mainstream news articles and broadcasts bemoaning the power and dangers of “big oil” and suggesting that the “big oil companies” are controlling the government and policies of the United States.

A good example is the idea generated, that the Iraq War was simply a “war for oil”, when in fact America didn’t get one addtional drop of oil from the war, and in truth our Zionist-controlled Mideast policy hurts American oil (and other companies) from doing business in much of the Mideast and around the world. We have supported a state with no oil resources and alienated the nations with some of the biggest oil reserves. Powerful Jewish lobbies such as AIPAC worked hard for the war along with the Israeli amen corner in the American Press, while the vastly smaller oil lobbies did no lobbying on Capitol Hill in support of the war.

The FEC President campaign records should put an end to the political power of “big oil” canard.  Contributions from oil companies didn’t even make it into the top twenty industries providing campaign money, and not a single oil company was on Obama’s or McCain’s top twenty contributors list. Yet, plenty of Jewish-run International Financial firms were on that list, with Goldman Sachs being Obama’s top contributor. No matter how much one may dislike the big oil companies, their power in Washington compared to the Jewish Lobby is like a flea to an elephant, and there is no question that Jewish money from New York to Hollywood overwhelmingly supported Obama. The same heavily Jewish-influenced media is now quietly promoting to the rest of the world the lie that Obama is not under the same Jewish extremist influence as was George Bush.

2) From the beginning of his campaign Obama has prostrated himself before the most powerful lobby in the United States of America, AIPAC. The America-Israel Public Affairs Committee. Imagine, not a domestic concern, but a lobby for a foreign nation is the most powerful influence on the Congress of the United States! Obama competed with McCain to say the most pro-Israel statements, including threatening Iran with nuclear annihilation.

3) Obama’s campaign manager and chief aide is David Axelrod who made a name for himself by orchestrating the Jewish push for Paul Simon to defeat Illinois Senator Charles Percy.  The Zionists saw Percy as not submissive enough to Israel. The Chicago Tribune on Dec. 12th, 2008 wrote that “Axelrod designed the strategy in which Obama first won the backing of white liberals and then reached out to blacks. Jews made up a significant number of the first constituency.”

4) Obama received a landslide 78 percent of the Jewish vote). So how exactly does that kind of vote signal “the end of Jewish domination of the U.S.?”

5) Since his election Obama has appointed a radical Zionist, Rahm Emmanuel, as his chief of staff. The second most powerful man in America, Emmanuel, was named after a Jewish terrorist Irgun fighter and Emmanuel also fought in the Israeli army. To quote the Chicago Tribune:

Certainly, Obama is comfortable with Jews, especially Jews from Chicago. Axelrod will remain at his side as senior adviser, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel will be White House chief of staff. Billionaire Penny Pritzker, who has known Obama since the mid-1990s and served as his campaign finance chairwoman, was said to be under consideration for commerce secretary until she took herself out of the running.

7) Obama has been groomed for the Presidency from day one by Jewish insiders. Here is the Dec. 12, 2008 Chicago Tribune headline along with some excerpts.

Barack Obama: The first Jewish president?

Chicago [Jewish] circle nurtured him all the way to the top.

Writer Toni Morrison famously dubbed Bill Clinton “the first black president”—a title he fervently embraced.

Abner Mikva, the Chicago Democratic Party stalwart and former Clinton White House counsel, offers a variation on that theme. “If Clinton was our first black president, then Barack Obama is our first Jewish president,” says Mikva, who was among the first to spot the potential of the skinny young law school graduate with the odd name…

it is clear that his political career, from its South Side inception to the audacious run for the White House, was nurtured and enabled by a close-knit network of Chicago Jews.

The same Jewish extremist media that promoted to the world the lies of Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” has now convinced the world that Obama, being an African American, is a real break from the world-hated, disastrous Jewish-controlled, Neocon policies of George Bush. The world’s media love affair with Barack Obama is in no small part orchestrated by the Jewish-dominated media in the United States and by copious Jewish influence in overseas media as well. It has made Obama so popular that he will be far more effective in advancing the agenda of Israel and Jewish power around the world. What better for the extremist Jewish Neocons than to have a President perceived as a clean break from the policies of George Bush, and perceived as noble and fair-minded and not possibly controlled by the Jewish extremists, to advance Israel’s radical agenda?

Obama has a lot better chance of getting support for a catastrophic war with Iran than someone with the legacy of a George Bush. Obama has a lot more ability to garner support for the radical, pro-Israeli-extremist “peace process” than would a George Bush or a John McCain. But with David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, can the world really expect anything else than a continuation of a completely Zionist-controlled American foreign policy. The Greek newspaper headline that Obama represents “the end of Jewish domination of the U.S.” is not only dead wrong but damned dangerous. It gives the Zionist agenda the biggest boost it has had since the election of George Bush. It is a continuation of the same policy, but the world is being fooled to think a new, fair and noble man has entered the White House, not a puppet of the world’s most dangerous extremism, Jewish supremacism!