“We Killed Jesus Christ; We’re Proud of It”

“We Killed Jesus Christ; We’re Proud of It”

Commentary by David Duke: The following link is to video of a Jewish settler who has stolen Palestinian land. In it he spouts hatred for his Palestinian victims, and hatred to all Christians and anyone who dares to morally object to the actions of Jewish extremists like himself.

I am reluctant to offer the video link because of the obscene language contained in it, but I do so because it is a vivid, living documentation of the Jewish supremacism I write and speak about every day. The Jewish extremist in the video expresses the true Talmudic attitude toward Jesus Christ, saying, “You and your f——g Jesus can kiss my ass…We killed Jesus Christ ; we’re proud of it.” He goes on to say, “This is our land, get the f—- out of here. The British film crew counters by saying, “This is not your land, it belongs to these Palestinian families.” Then the Jewish extremist says, “We’re going to kill you and the Palestinians…”

At this point the Jewish extremist, among a cascade of obscenities repeatedly calls the filmmaker a “Nazi” and says, “You Nazi! Call everyone you want, I’m going to kill you!”

This short one minute and forty second video encapsulates the Jewish extremist attitude, not just of this settler but of the entire Zionist movement around the world. It exposes their true Anti-Christianism, their desire to kill the Palestinians and anyone who opposes them, and how they label anyone who opposes them as a “Nazi” and “anti-Semite.” This video irrefutably exposes the unabashed evil of Jewish supremacism. – David Duke

Link: “We Killed Jesus Christ; We’re Proud of It”